Hibernate Windows 7

Sleep mode refers to computer power saving functions. If you activate it, the system will go into an inactive state. However, all running programs will not be closed. They will remain in RAM, but will consume less PC resources. And getting out of this mode takes less time than turning on the system from scratch.

Sleep off

This feature will be very useful for laptops. Their work is completely dependent on the battery, the charge of which is quickly consumed. And the transition to sleep is useful for increasing autonomy. But for owners of stationary computers, this mode will not always be useful. The fact is that the system is configured for automatic sleep care if no specified time has been taken with it. Therefore, the request is popular: “How to turn off the sleeping mode of the Windows monitor 7?”. Let’s dwell on two ways.

Option 1: Power Options

This function is configured in the parameters of the power supply. From the menu “Start” go to the Control Panel. There you will find the right element.Power Supply in Windows Control Panel 7Open the settings for the power plan that is currently installed.Windows Power Settings 7Open the settings for the power plan that is currently installed.For option “Translate the computer set a value “Never”.Note: You can also deactivate the option to turn off the monitor. But this is not recommended, since over-exploitation can lead to the rapid emergence of “burned” pixels.You can open the power settings in another way, bypassing the control panel. This is done through the dialog box “Follow out”. Enter in it powercfg, then the desired menu will open.Entrance to eletcroenegria parameters through Run

Option 2: Command Line

You can configure almost any parameters of the Windows 7 system through the command line. This applies even to a sleeping mode. The command line label is located in the section “Standard” Start.Command line in standard StartPress it with the right mouse button. It should be launched on behalf of the administrator. Enter the following command in the console:powercfg -change -standby-timeout-ac 0Disabling Sleep from Command Line0 in this case will indicate that the computer will never go into sleep mode if the user does not call this function. But you can put any other value in seconds. For example, 600 will indicate that the system will go to sleep in 10 minutes.Note: to configure disconnection of the monitor instead -standby need to enter monitor.@top-advice.ru

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