Computer slows down on Windows 7: what to do

Slow down a PC? There are a lot of reasons for the slow operation of the computer with frequent hangings and brakes. Viral infection, dust accumulated in the system unit, lack of space on the system disk and much more. Periodically, PC service is needed. There are a whole range of events for this, and we will help you deal with them and optimize the PC so that it works again as if just from the store.Slow down Windows 7

Viral infection

Slow down Windows 7 what to do? Most often, the activity of malware is to blame. The user sees the symptoms of infection as hanging or braking during operation. There are a lot of different types of viruses and they all behave differently: some send confidential user data to their avatar (fraudster who created the virus). Others copy themselves to all folders and directories in order to do as much harm as possible by infecting all files on the computer. Still others use traffic to download various content through an infected computer. The most common ones are advertising viruses, they launch advertising on all browsers, in every possible way slowing down the browser’s work on the network.Slow down Windows 7 из-за вирусного зараженияThe first thing to do is scan for malware. And you need to do this with third-party antiviruses. A stationary antivir is most likely already infected and will not be able to identify the threat. For verification, you can use the free cloud scanners Dr.Web CureIt !, KasperskySecurity Scan, ESET Online Scanner. Cure the computer when an infection is detected and install a new stationary antivirus.

Many programs in autorun

When installing various programs, they are often prescribed for Windows autoading, and then loaded automatically when the computer is turned on every time. If there are many of these programs, they work in the background and eat off part of the resources, as a result of which the computer hangs.

  • To disable unnecessary programs from the Windows startup, open the utility “Run»combined key Win + r, and in the ocke we write a team


Many programs in the wind turbine 7

Here you can find not only user-installed applications, but also viral programs.

Overheating due to excessive dust and dried thermostast

The cooling system of a personal computer and laptop is designed to cool the heating components of the PC by blowing air from the room. Dust that flies in the air enters the system. Most of all, of course, it focuses on fans and radiators. The longer the computer is not cleaned, the more dust grows on all PC components, making it difficult to cool. And it can even provoke short circuits. And also over time, a cooling thermostat dries out on the central processor.Overheating of the computer due to the dust of Windows 7

Tip: PC from dust needs to be cleaned at least once in 2 years. And at this time, change the cooling paste between strongly warming elements. And if there are animals (cats or dogs) in the home, then cleaning should be done once every six months or a year. Since along with dust in system particles of animal wool also fall.

Overwhelmed system disk

Windows 7 slows down with a crowded system disk, then unstable operation and freezing can be observed. You can clean the system HDD with the built-in Windows tools.

  • Go to the menu “Start.
  • Next, click “Computer.
  • We click on the local HDD with the right mouse key and select “Properties.
  • We click on the button “Disk Cleaning.
  • We wait until the system analyzes the garbage files, then tick all the points for cleaning, and clean.
  • Next we need to clear the system files.
  • Press again “Cleaning disk. Next we need to click on the “buttonClear system files. Again we wait and mark all the points with tags. Next, we clean.

Overflowing Windows 7

In the section for cleaning system files can be dozens of gigabytes of temporary files, recovery points, old updates. All this slows down the computer.

Hard drive Errors

The hard consists of many mirror discs divided into sectors. Each sector has a certain size, files are recorded in them. If these sectors are damaged, it is impossible to write information in them. And when the system tries to read this broken sector, various errors and hangs are observed.

  • You can check the HDD for the presence of broken sectors and fix them using the built-in CHKDSK utility.
  • We start it from the local disk properties window in the ” tabService.
  • Press the “Disk Analysis” button.
  • We tick off the points of detection and automatic correction of damaged sectors.

Checking the hard drive for Windows errors 7

System disk could not be checked during work operating system. To start the scan, you need to restart the computer.

Lack of RAM

A quick storage device is a computer memory for quick operation with programs and components. Drivers, utilities and applications are loaded into the RAM when the program is turned on or at startup until the user manually disables the program, or when turned off. Then the RAM is automatically cleaned. This is a temporary storage of information. The processing speed of the RAM information is much higher than that of the hard drive, but the volume is much smaller. A common reason for slow work is precisely the lack of RAM. Here the output is only to increase memory by replacing the RAM bar on large in stationary computers. In laptops, the situation is more difficult, replace the operating room with a large one, or add memory, in most cases, it is not possible, with limited technical characteristics of the laptop. Here you can try to increase swap file.

Weak processor

The situation with a weak processor implies only an upgrade to more powerful equipment in a PC. Any acceleration of CPU can lead to sad consequences when the processor is completely burned out or out of order.

Strongly fragmented hard drive

Conditionally, imagine a hard drive in the form of a notebook sheet in a cell. Each cell is a hard disk sector. When recording any information on HDD, it is written to these cells. Different-sized files occupy different numbers of cells. After deleting information, the empty sectors take up other information and so on to infinity. If the volume of one cell (sector) is not enough to write a file, it is recorded in 2.3 or more sectors. Free sectors can be located in different parts of the disk, and the file is obtained divided into fragments – fragmented. It’s hard for the hard drive to read fragmented files, hence the hang. From time to time, defragmentation of the hard drive is necessary.Defragmentation of Windows hard drive 7

  • You can do this in the local disk properties window. In the tab “Service»- the second tile”Defragmentation.
  • Scan the disc. And we carry out defragmentation.

The process can take several hours, it depends on how strongly fragmented the HDD is.

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