Windows 7 Remote Desktop

The function of a remote desktop allows you to control a computer without physical access to it, through a network connection. It is built into Windows 7. Remote control of the computer is very convenient, for example, for network administration.

Remote Access Settings

In Windows 7 remote access must be enabled to start. Then you can enter the operating system from another computer. Consider both aspects of this task.

Function Enabling

Go to Start and right-click on the item Computer. Go to “Properties”.Computer Properties in the Start menuIn the left block there is an additional parameters item, open it. The desired option is activated in the tab “Remote access”. Remote Access Tabam check the box next to the point “Allow remote connections …”, and then select mode “Allow connection from …”. Do not forget to press at the end “Apply”.End of remote access settings in System PropertiesOn this in Windows 7 the inclusion of a remote desktop is completed. It remains only to find out the IP address that is needed to connect to the current computer. Launch the Command Line from the Start. Enter a request in it ipconfig. In the column IPv4 Adress and the necessary information will be indicated.Command Line IP AddressRemote access to the computer is not possible if there is no password for the account. Accordingly, a pre-secret combination must be set. You also need to know the username. It will be possible to see in the properties of the computer or from the menu “Start”.Username in Start

Connection to another PC

When the setup is completed, access the system will be released from another computer. Windows has a built-in program for this. You can find it in the complete list of the Start, the catalog “Standard”. There open “Connection to remote …”.Launch connection in StartIn the field Computer enter the IP address received from the command line. Specify an account with a name and password from another computer and activate the

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