Manage account passwords in Windows 7

Any Windows 7 account can be password protected. How to put a password on Windows 7, as well as how to reset it, if by some chance I forgot it. We will analyze these issues in detail further in the article. Originally in Windows 7 You can put the administrator password at the final stages of installation. But when buying a computer with a Windows preinstalled system 7 often there is no password, and sometimes there is a need to ask it.Password Management Windows 7

  • To set a new password on Windows 7 go to the menu “Start.
  • Here we open “Control Panel.
  • We pass to the tab “User accounts.
  • Next, click on the accounts again.

Change the password of the Windows account 7

  • Here we see several sections where we can set a new account password, change it, change name, type. And also configure another account. We click on the link to create a new account password and set a new password if it is not, or change to a new one if the password was, but it needs to be changed.

Windows account thresholds 7How to reset the password Windows 7

Entering the system without knowing the password, or if by some chance the password is forgotten more difficult than in earlier systems such as XP. Where it was enough to enter the system through safe mode and reset the password. On the “seven” such a trick will no longer succeed. The entire password reset process is a little more complicated, but nonetheless we will complete. So, let’s get started:Forgot Windows account password 7

  • First you need to prepare a boot media USB flash drive or CD. The main thing is that the recorded image is the same version and discharge as the installed seven.
  • We boot from the installation media. To do this, you must either enter Boot Menu or enter BIOS, and there already set the priority of loading from a disk or flash drive. Reboot the computer and click any key on the computer when a download message appears from the installation media.
  • Then we select the language, and press “Further.

Windovs Password Recovery 7

  • Here we do not install the system, so we go to the section “System recovery.

Password recovery from Windows account 7

  • We confirm our choice.

Windowdoms account 7 access recovery

  • Here we select the language.

Window's account language selection 7

  • After scanning the system, when our Windows is located, we click “Further.

Windows 7 recovery of a forgotten password

Pay attention to the letter of the disk on which the system is installed, it may differ from the one displayed in Windows when you open the “Computer” section. Using our example, Windows 7 is set to the section under the letter (C) as usual, but here she is assigned the letter (D). This is important when working with the command line.

Team Line Work

  • Here we need to select the command line.

Windows Command Line 7 Password Management

  • First we write a team – d: – confirm our choice with the key Enter.
  • Then the team – cd Windows – and again Enter.
  • Then the team – regedit – again Enter.

Password Management Window Command Line 7

Registry Editor

  • The registry editor opens, here we go to the folder HKEY LOCAL MACHINE and click on the menu “File. In the context menu that opens, select the “sectionDownload bush.

Vindovs Registry Editor 7Download Windovs bush 7

  • In the window that opens, we look for a folder System32, open it with a double click.

Windows 7 System32 Registry Editor

  • Next, look for a folder config and again with a double click open it.

Windows 7 registry editor configuration

  • In folder config select file SYSTEM and press “Open.

  • In the dialog box “Download registry bush»We set a name (any) for example – 000.

Password Management Windows 7 редактор реестра 

  • Switch to folder Setup and in the list, double-click on the file line to change his name on Cmd.exe.

Windows 7 changes to the registry editor for changing the passwordWindows 7 Registry Editor Change File Name

  • Switch to file Setuptype, double-click the dialog box and change the value to it (2).

Windows 7 renaming a file in the registry editorPassword Management Windows 7 

  • We turn our folder (000) and click on the menu “File“, now we need to unload the bush. We confirm our choice and restart the computer. The windows with the command line and the registry editor can simply be closed.

Windows 7 unload the bush

  • Now, after restarting the computer, a command line will open where we need to write our username and password. On our example, the username is user set password 0000

In the end, such a team will turn out – net user user 0000Windows 7 set username and passwordYou should not use the information received in this article to hack other people’s computers or any other illegal activities. Restore the password of the Windows administrator 7 only from your computer. At first glance, the whole process seems complicated, but everything is actually very simple. The main thing is to carefully follow the step-by-step instructions and you will

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