Windows 7 System Restore

Windows 7 has built-in facilities for restoring the OS. The system in automatic mode creates control points – the state of the PC at a certain point in time (installed programs, settings, etc.). And if any malfunction occurs, the user is able to roll the computer to the previous parameters, when there was no problem yet. But this is not the only way to restore the Windows 7 system. You can also use a safe mode and boot disk.

Recovery Ways

Restoring the system allows you to cancel the changes that led to the loss of PC performance. Consider three simple ways to complete a task. The first is suitable if the error that occurs does not violate the OS loader. The second and third – for other situations.Note: any of the described methods does not delete user data. All important files will be saved on disk. Therefore, you do not need to pre-save them. But at the same time, some programs and settings can be watched, since this is the essence of returning to the previous version of Wing.

Method 1: Checkpoints

This method can be used if the computer is running and logged in, but the problem still exists. For example, when an installed driver made it impossible to connect to the Internet. In this case, you can use the recovery point of the Wing, which was saved at the moment when the changes have not yet been made. Rollback instruction:

  1. Open the menu “Start”, below is the search bar, enter the “restoration” request. Open the product “Restoration of the system” from issue.Search for System Recovery in Start
  2. In the window that appears, select the second item and click on the button “Next”.Start of procedure in System Restore
  3. A list of Windows recovery points 7 will appear, select the one that matches the previous state of the computer (the easiest way to navigate by the creation date).List of control points in System Restore
  4. Confirm selection and wait for the computer to restart.
  5. If the problem has not been resolved, try restoring to another point.

Method 2: Safe mode

If the system refuses to boot, then most likely the problem is related to bootloader. In this case, for a start, you should try the option “Safe mode”. This is an advanced Windows launch option with advanced features and diagnostics enabled.

  1. Reboot the computer when the title image appears repeatedly press F8. As a result, a window with a black background will appear, where several ways to start are presented.
  2. Using the arrows on the keyboard, hover over “Safe mode” and confirm key selection Enter.Choosing Windows Download Mode 7
  3. Wait until Windows loads.

The system will start in safe mode. And now you can use the standard method with control points. In the search, we introduce “restoration”, open a special program and act on hints. There is an option to download a safe mode with the operation of the console.Safe mode with Windows terminal 7With it, it is also possible to perform a rollback of the OS. But this method is only suitable for advanced users. If the previous two methods, how to restore the Wing 7, did not work, or their use is impossible, then you should use the latter. He is likely to be successful. But this method is the most time-consuming of all, requires a preparatory stage.

Method 3: Download Disk

Now consider how to restore Windows 7 using the boot disk. This will require an external media with an OS. It is recommended to write the image of the system on a blockhead or USB drive using a utility Windows USB / DVD Download Tool. Since the system is not running, you will need another PC or laptop to use the program. The official page is Its use is extremely simple, just run the executable file and follow the instructions. Then restart the computer and in BIOS put the launch from the media. This parameter usually changes in advanced Settings. There, find the item in whose name there is Boot and in Priority install DVD-ROM or Flash-drive.BIOS boot disk displayAt the end, confirm the saving of the settings. Now paste the optical disc or flash drive into the computer and wait for the download. A window with the Windows 7 icon and language selection will appear. Enter the data and confirm it. On the next screen, find the recovery item.System recovery using Windows boot disk 7Select the rollback OS and confirm the action. Further procedure is completely similar to what was described in previous methods. Complete the computer reboot. At this stage, you need to return the parameters BIOS to the previous value by putting the start from the hard drive or

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