Windows 7 bootloader recovery

The bootloader is a special program responsible for launching the OS. Damage to Windows components, sloppy user actions, failure of a computer – all this can lead to disruption of its operation.

Possible problems with the bootloader and their correction

Most often, you can find two errors related to the Windows 7 bootloader: the first is Bootmgr is missing, and the second is Non system disc. Their appearance suggests that the computer settings or system components are damaged. It is also possible to infect the PC with a virus that disturbs the computer. Most often, when the system starts, a banner or message appears that you need to pay for unlock, otherwise the data will be deleted. Any of these problems requires the recovery of the Windows bootloader. Otherwise, using a computer becomes impossible.

Method 1: BIOS Setup

First you need to figure out what is the cause of the problem: in damage to bootloader data or violation of the computer configuration. If the source of the problem is known, and it belongs to the second group, go to the second method. When starting a PC in the first image, there is a text prompt indicating the key on the keyboard to enter BIOS. Press it many times until it opens. There you need to check the order of the devices from which the download is carried out. In the first place should be a drive with an OS.Checking the BIOS OS loading deviceIf this is not so, install the correct device. Then exit with the changes.BIOS settingsThis allows you to run Windows 7 without any problems. If the method did not give the desired result, try another option.

Method 2: System image carrier

To perform this method, you will need an external media (flash drive or disk) with the recorded image of the Wing, which is used on the computer. It must be the same, otherwise recovery will be impossible. Then you will need a complete reinstallation of the system. Recovery instructions:

  1. Connect the flash drive or paste the DVD with the OS into the computer.
  2. Reboot PC and enter BIOS.
  3. Find the item in whose name is Boot. It can be in advanced settings (Advanced).
  4. Place in first place in the boot order (Boot Priority) the device that was connected in the first paragraph.
  5. Exit with saving changes.Optical Disk Download in BIOS
  6. The computer will restart, wait for it to start.
  7. A window will appear with the Windows 7 logo and an offer to install an OS. A recovery button will be located at the bottom of the screen, press it.System recovery using Windows boot disk 7
  8. Now specify the name of the system and confirm the choice.
  9. A recovery tool menu will appear, select the first item (launch).
  10. Wait for the process to end, it may take some time.

Menu BIOS’a may vary depending on which motherboard is connected to the computer and which version of its firmware. If you could not find the item responsible for the loading order, then study the instructions from the box or find it on the Internet.Note: when recovering from the media, user data will be saved, but installed programs can be deleted. The Windows license will continue, so most likely re-activation is not required. The first launch of the OS after performing the above actions may take longer than previously required. The computer will configure its configuration for the changes made. Subsequent downloads will be done as usual.

Method 3: Bootrec Utility

First, try the problem solutions mentioned above. If they did not work, or their use becomes impossible, then go to this item. In this case, in Windows 7, the bootloader will be restored using Bootrec. This is a built-in error correction utility. To start it, command line operation is required. It will be opened using instructions from the second method. In the “System Recovery Settings” window, after selecting a system disk, the corresponding item will be located, select it.Opening the command line when restoring Windows 7Consistently (Enter after each line) enter the following in the terminal:bootrec / fixmbrbootrec / fixbootThese are special commands for fixing the bootloader. The first rewrites his data, and the second makes a section for downloading on the hard drive.Downloader Correction in the Command LineThen you need to remove the command line window, cancel the recovery of the OS and restart the computer. It remains only to change the order of devices in BIOS (put Floppy Drive in first place in Boot Priority). Otherwise, the PC will again boot from the media. This step can be skipped if you simply pull the USB flash drive or optical disc from the

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