Startup in windows 8

Autoload win 8 is a hidden and secret folder that most users cannot find. The main problem is that this operating system is very different from the previous ones. If the seven was in many ways similar to XP, then the eight is nothing like anything. This is a completely new platform, which both gives the user a lot of advantages and takes the usual management of their programs. We provide instructions that will tell in detail how to view and find a download to Windows 8. Where did this coveted folder hide? Indeed, in past operating systems everything was very simple. And now this process has become more complicated, the user simply cannot find the desired icon. Relax, the search is not complicated and when you understand what’s what, see again – the Windows 8 is a great system.

Windows 8: autorun and search for it

For those who are looking for this folder just like that, let’s tell you – the main problem is that when installing, many utilities start running with the computer. This spends the power of the operating system, they have to turn off every time. windows 8 autoading programs in this case is an ideal option, in just a couple of seconds you can turn off those programs, which are not needed or rarely used.autoset in windows 8To find a system folder called “Auto Download”, you need to go to the start menu. Next, we need the following address – C: Users Name_User of AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Startup. It is there that the system folder of the autocompany is always the autopotape folder on windows 8To speed up the process of getting into the folder, the developers created a faster way. Press Win + R, then we prescribe or insert shell: startup. We click further and get into the program start folder. Now you can easily turn off all the programs that you do not need during the start of the system. This will significantly reduce future work time, and also accelerate the performance of the system itself.autopload folder through command to execute on Windows 8By the way, very often, it is gamers who play games with innovative graphics that are looking for autopsies. In order to prevent anything from moving, you need to use all the resources of the computer. But a large number of programs take them. Therefore, the autorun folder is the only way out in this

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