Windows 8 Safe Mode

If the computer for some reason fails to load the system, then you should use a safe mode. This is the name of the PC launch option along with a set of debugging programs. In this case, automatic correction of a number of problems is possible. In addition, a rollback of the OS will be available in the future.

Switch to safe mode

Now let’s figure out how to go to a safe mode in Windows 8. There are five simple ways to do this, consider each of them. Start with the first, most likely it will work. If this is not so, then move on in order, one of the methods presented will definitely start the desired function.

Method 1: Panel “Parameters”

One of the innovations of the G8 was the appearance of a panel “Parameters”. It provides a new option on how to enable secure mode on Windows 8. You can start it by pressing Win and I keys. When the window opens, click on the Shift keyboard, select the button “Turn off”, and then activate the reset point. Some time will be required for the computer to start the desired function, wait. In the window that appears, select Diagnostics. Then activate the item “Additional parameters”. Click on the element with the gear-shaped icon.Windows 8 Download OptionsNow click on the button “Restoading”.Wait for the new window to appear. It consists of 9 points – loading options.Secure mode through Shift Windows 8Now click on the button “Restoading”.Wait for the new window to appear. It consists of 9 points – loading options.Now click on the F5 on the keyboard (if it does not work, then try the number 5, but not from the Num block). The computer will go into debug mode.

Method 2: Element “System Configuration”

This method, how to enter the secure Windows 8 mode, is one of the simplest, it should be tried immediately after the first. Element “System configuration” can be started from the dialog box “Follow out” (it is called while pressing Win + R). Inject the text line msconfig.exe, and then click on the Enter button. Now go to the section “Download”. Here you need to activate the check box of the item “Safe mode”. Immediately after click on “Apply”, and after – “Ok”.Setting a safe mode using changes to the System ConfigurationIt remains only to restart the computer in any way possible. The subsequent launch of the system will be done in debug mode.

Method 3: Download Disk

This method is more time-consuming. In addition, it requires a working PC. You must write down the Windows 8 boot disk, and then run the computer from it. The recovery menu will have access to a safe mode. Both USB flash drive and DVD blast will do. Read more about creating a boot disk in our article “Preparation of a Windows 8 boot disk”.

Method 4: Hotkeys

Users of the “seven” probably remember that when starting a computer you can click on the F8 keyboard, then you can open a window of the type of download. This is another way to start Windows 8 secure mode. If this key does not work, then try the Shift + F8 combination, as well as repeatedly repeating it when you turn on the PC.Enabling Windows Vista Safe ModeUnfortunately, this option does not always work for UEFI BIOS and systems installed on SSD (hard drive). The fact is that in the above cases, the OS is loaded too quickly, so the user does not always have any significant period of time to press the desired key. But it’s still worth a try, there’s a chance. And for other computers, this option remains very convenient, which was used in Windows 7.

Method 5: Computer reset

This option should be resorted to only if the use of the four previous ones is not possible. The bottom line is that after multiple restarts of the PC, the error correction system will turn on, and at the same time there will be a window with the choice of the download option, absolutely the same as in the previous case. But it is worth understanding that multiple restart of a PC can damage system data and user files. Therefore, this method is placed at the very end of the

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