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Regularly, for Windows operating systems, Microsoft is developing new updates. They serve to eliminate system vulnerabilities. For implementation in the OS, some new functions, for overall security. Undoubtedly, updates are important. But what to do to users of systems for which support has already been discontinued, and accordingly, new tablets are not developed anymore. Directly for Windows 8, support was officially discontinued on January 12, 2016, as it turned out to be, to put it mildly, unpopular. The company decided to concentrate all its efforts on the new “ten”, which, by the way, turned out to be a really successful project this time, and is already fully competing with the favorite “seven”. Updates for Windows 8 no longer come through the Windows Update Center, and the system regularly searches for them and as we can observe, such a crash occurs in Windows 8 as an endless search for updates.Endless update search in Windows 8

Disable Windows Update Center

You can solve this problem once and for all if you disable the search and download updates.Endless update search in Windows 8

  • To do this, we go to “Control Panel»- we start the mouse cursor in the lower right corner of the screen to raise the control console, and here we click on”Parameters“and then select”Control Panel.
  • Switch to the view “Category“and select the section”System and security.
  • Next, we need to go to “Update Center Windows.
  • In the left column of the menu we switch to “Additional settings.
  • If Windows 8 is not updatedyou need to switch the search option and install updates on the “outbox menuDo not download updates.
  • And remove the tags from two points for downloading and installing updates.

Disable searching and downloading updates in Windows 8This is not all to finally solve this problem, you still need to completely stop the automatic update service.

Stop the automatic update service

  • We write in the search bar the word “Services»And run the Windows service management utility.

The utility for managing services can still be launched through the Control Panel, where in the mode of viewing small icons we select the section “Administration“and from there we already launch the desired console. You can also get to the services through the Task Manager, which you can run by a familiar key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del. Here you need to go to the last tab and run the classic application by clicking on the corresponding link at the bottom of the task manager’s working window.

  • On the list, you need to find the service “Windows Update Center“, click on it twice or perform the right click with the mouse.
  • In the window that opens, select the type of launch “Disable“, apply the settings and save them.
  • Next, the service needs to be stopped.

Now that’s it, the Windows 8 Update Center is completely disabled and will no longer eat some of the resources for an endless search for

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