What to do if Windows 8 does not see the phone

The main problem with the new operating systems is that they may often not see the connected additions. Windows 8 does not see the phone through usb – a popular request on the Internet. Is this really so, can’t many people deal with such a problem? And this guide will help you get rid of this misunderstanding as soon as possible.

Windows 8 does not see the phone – solution

Since the network is more often looking for a solution to the problem for phones with Android, we decided to create an appropriate guide. You need to immediately understand if your computer saw the connection of the phone before. If earlier the mobile normally collaborated with the PC, then the matter may be in the virus. Where did he come from? It can get both through the mobile Internet and through the computer itself. If the device is completely new, then you should update the operating system or install the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). This is worth implementing on the official website of the program so as not to capture viruses and prohibited programs. Next, download the driver for your operating system and use it.what if Windows 8 does not see the phoneWindows 8 does not see iphone for several reasons:

  • Non-profit operating systems of the computer and telephone;
  • Lack of certain programs on one of the devices, drivers;
  • If the phone is locked using a graphical key, then it needs to be unlocked, otherwise the PC simply will not see the connected device;
  • If there is no notification on the phone that it is connected to a PC, then the problem is in the wire or socket itself. Perhaps it is damaged, it can be, even if the mobile phone is completely new.

apple driver error on windows 8Also consider that if a notification has arrived on the phone, that’s not all. You need to click on it and a window will open in which you can select the mode of use of the SUSB. You can only transfer pictures and photos, charge the phone or mark all kinds of formats at once. Often there is a charge selected, which does not allow the PC to see the phone.windows 8 does not see the phone through usbThe owner immediately begins to worry, thinks that he was sold a broken phone. And just go to the settings and select the MTP mode. Next, a folder with the name of your mobile device appears in the menu through which you can transfer files. If none of the above helped, then most likely the matter is in a broken nest. It may not work either on the computer or on the phone itself.@top-advice.ru

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