Disk Defragmenter on Windows 8

Many G8 users thought about increasing the speed of the system. The most obvious options for completing the task include cleaning the computer from unnecessary programs, optimizing the registry, and similar processes. But there is another effective way – defragmentation of Windows 8.

Defragmentation Procedure

The hard drive is divided into a large number of sectors. They are filled with data in order. But the removal of programs, frequent calls and various failures of the program and hardware order lead to the fact that the components of one program can be recorded in different sectors. This is called fragmentation. It reduces PC performance. A logical solution in such a situation will be defragmentation of Windows 8. A special utility is built into the operating system that is responsible for this function. Moreover, you can configure not only one-time, but also regular optimization of data on the disk.

Procedure start

Now consider how to defragment at Windows 8. Call a search from the menu “Start”. Inject the text line “defragmentation” and click on the item “Defragmentation and …”.Defragmentation in SearchHighlight a specific disk volume, and then activate the option “Analyze”.Analysis in Disc OptimizationAfter some time, the degree of fragmentation is displayed. If this parameter is higher than 10 %, then the section is clearly worth defragmenting. The function is activated by clicking on “Optimize”.Defragmentation in Disc Optimization

Important: the procedure can take more than an hour. It all depends on the degree of fragmentation, the volume of the hard drive, computer performance and system load. At this time, it is advisable not to use resource-intensive programs.

This way is how to defragment a disk on Windows 8, one-time. But you can configure the computer so that the procedure is performed with the specified regularity. To do this, click on the button in the current window “Change parameters”.Change in disk optimizationThis menu sets the process frequency. The preferred option is every month. Do not forget to activate the option “Scheduled”.@top-advice.ru

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