Device Manager on Windows 8

When connecting any peripheral component to a computer, it is usually immediately determined by the system and, in most cases, universal drivers are automatically installed for it. As we know, a computer is not a single mechanism, it consists of many boards separately installed in the system, and components. To collect all devices connected and installed in the computer in one place and somehow facilitate the user’s work with them, a single console was developed – the Device Manager.Windows 8 Device ManagerHere we can see the ID of the iron, roll back the driver for it, update it, or delete it to manually install a more recent version. And also, when there are problems with some driver, here you can see it, since it will be marked with a warning sign.Device Manager in Windows 8

How to open the Windows device manager 8

Run the Device Manager on a computer running Windows operating system 8 can be in several ways.

  • Through the menu “Start“, in particular, this applies to the updated version of Windows 8.1, where, at the request of users, the button”Start»still returned. We right-click on it and in the context menu we select the item “Device Manager.
  • At Windows 8 open Device Manager can still use the command devmgmt.mscit must be entered in the dialog box of the classic application “Run. And to open it, you need to press the key combination Win + r.

Run the Device Manager through the Run command

  • Another way is through the Control Panel. We start the mouse cursor of the lower right corner (this is called here – the swipe to the right) so that the control console (analogue of the Start button) appears, here we need to select the section “Parameters. Then open the Control Panel, then you need to switch the section view to large icons, and select the Device Manager.

Driver Update in Windows Device Manager 8 The first two methods are faster, but in what way to open the control console decide, of course, only to the

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