Windows 8 hotkeys

Windows operating systems have so-called hotkeys. These are keyboard button combinations, the simultaneous pressing of which performs a certain action. Their use allows you to simplify work at the computer, speed up the execution of some processes.

Frequently used hotkeys

Hotkeys in Windows 8 built in more than a hundred. But not everyone will be useful for an ordinary computer user who solves only everyday tasks. Below will be given combinations that will definitely come in handy.

Switching Metro Programs and Applications

Many know the combination of Alt + Tab. With it, you can quickly switch between working programs. The G8 also has the action on Win + Tab. The combination is designed for quick transition between built-in applications from the Metro interface in the menu “Start”, as well as standard system windows.New option for switching between Windows windows 8

Task manager

The Task Manager displays a list of all processes running in the system. There you can also find the status of services, autostart settings and related parameters. In previous versions of Windows, this element was not called as a keyboard shortcut as used in the G8. Now you need to press Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time.Call the Task Manager via Win hotkeys 8

It is not always obvious how to call a utility to Windows 8. Trying to find it on your own is rather difficult. In such a situation, the function will help Search. It is called by pressing Win + Q at the same time.Call Windows Search 8

Delete files

From the context menu, the file can only be sent to the basket, which then will have to be cleaned manually or using special programs. But there is a way to permanently remove. Select an item or group of elements and press Shift + Delete. Then confirm the action.No return

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