How to update drivers on Windows 8

Each user of a personal computer has ever heard something about drivers. Only not everyone is fully aware that these animals are such and where to take them. Especially hard for inexperienced users who need to update software in technical support of some online game, the specialist says that you need to update the software, so that the game works stably. Drivers can be updated or installed both manually (from the developer’s website for a particular device model) and with a package using special software.Windows 8 driver updateWe will figure out how to install drivers for Windows 8 using third-party programs. In addition, there are countless paid and free solutions to such software on the Internet.

Installing drivers on Windows 8 using third-party software

Utility Driverpack solution It is a powerful complex for installing and updating software for Windows to interact with devices on a personal computer. Easy to manage, unlike many other similar programs, has a Russian-language interface, which is important for the Russian-speaking population. In addition to drivers, with its help you can install a lot of programs in the system, such as a download manager, browsers and torrents, as well as managers. Diagnose for performance and remove potentially unwanted programs. Windows 8 drivers are updated with this utility when connected to the network.Windows 8 driver update с помощью  DriverPack Solution It is enough to download the installation file and choose the option of optimizing the PC in automatic mode. Then you just need to be patient. The utility itself will scan the system and select the right software for the PC, load them and install them. For users whose computer does not have a permanent Internet connection, this program can also update the software. It is enough to download the package with a volume of 12GB to a flash drive, and already on a computer where there is no Internet to install and update.80bbc741d9bf8e556991dd9433b5254anbsp;DriverPack Solution Driver Update on Windows 8

Driver Update on Windows 8

You can also upgrade the driver to Windows 8 in the Device Manager console.

  • To call the Device Manager, you need to “Start»In Windows 8.1, right-click and select the appropriate item in the context menu.
  • Next, in the Device Manager window, expand the list of drivers of a particular device and right-click on it.
  • In the drop-down list, select “Refresh driver.

Update driver on Windows 8

Auto Search BY usually does not bring results, since the system is looking for a driveryy in the library Windovs.

Automatic driver search Windovs 8

  • You can download the necessary driver from the developer’s website, and already in the driver update window of a particular device, complete the installation through the “Search on this computer.
  • Find the downloaded driver in the folder and install it.

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