How to update Windows 8

Can Windows 8 be considered failed? Not really, but the effect of the new (at that time) operating system, completely different from the favorite “seven”, was rather stunning. She was very different from previous versions. And this missing Start button, as if users were deprived of something very important. A new start screen designed primarily for touch screens, and much more. Subsequently, at the request of users, some of the functions were returned to Windows 8.1. In particular, this concerned the “Start” button. But that didn’t save the situation, Windows 8 was overboard. Microsoft officially ceased support for the eight on January 12, 2016.Windows 8 update to 8.1But still there remains a rather decent share of users who liked the bold idea of a completely different OS. Naturally, each operating system needs updates. With each new package, the system receives a new set of innovations and functions. Like any operating system, the eight needs regular updates. And since officially support has been discontinued for almost a year, respectively, updates do not automatically come. And now you can get previously released updates only manually. For example, it may be relevant when system reinstallation.In particular, one of the important and worthwhile updates for Windows 8 is the transition to Windows 8.1. The transition is really worthwhile, and the question of how to update Windows 8 is open to this day.

Update laptop with Windows 8

Since Windows 8 is not a good project, it is advisable to update to version 8.1. You can do this in a few clicks.

  • Like any other update, the transition to 8.1 from the Store is completely free.
  • To upgrade, the system disk must have at least 3GB of free memory for 32-bit systems, and slightly less than 4gb for 64-bit systems.
  • Naturally, a stable Internet connection.

Windows Update 8 through the Store

Any large-scale updating or installation of any pactetov from Microsoft it is always a risk. In case of a failure or error, you can lose the stored data on the computer. Therefore, you must first save all the important documents to another disk or to the cloud.

  • To update Windows 8 to 8.1 you need to go to the Store and click on the “buttonDownload update for Windows 8.1.
  • You may need to install security updates and non-security updates. In simple words – set funded packages through the Windows Update Center manually. Or download them on the Microsoft website.
  • By installing the update to version 8.1 through the Store, you can continue to work at the computer and periodically monitor the progress of the installation.

Window 8.1 Update Through Shop

The whole process is quite long, it depends on the speed of the Internet and the power of the machine. But after some time, the system will offer to restart the computer. Then the PC during the installation of Windows 8.1, restarts several more times.

  • At the end of the installation, the user needs to make some settings. Select a color, and disable certain system parameters, or use standard parameters.
  • Then you need to log in. If you wish, you can create a Microsoft account, if none is available.

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