How to disable Windows 8 update

We will not be original and once again say that updates to the Windows 8 operating system are extremely important. Each new update closes the system’s vulnerabilities and also protects the user from losing important data. But for some reason, another Microsoft tablet, in some cases, can cause a number of difficulties. Most often, this is a loss of activation (for not quite licensed Windows) when installing one of the patches for verifying the authenticity of the OS, which regularly come to the system in automatic mode. Limited traffic, as well as a small amount of disk space. Updates take up pretty decent disk space.How to disable Windows Update Center 8Not to mention that each new tablet can be unfinished and cause serious failures in the system. Downloading updates to Windows 8 can be disabled.

Win 8 disable updates

  • How to disable Windows auto-update 8? To do this, you need to get into “Control Panel.

WindowS System Options 8

  • Here we go to the section “System and security“, most convenient in the column”View»switch to view”Category.
  • We go to the Windows Update Center.
  • We look in the left column “Settings»- click here.
  • In the column “Important updates»Switch to the item”Ne check updates. This item is naturally marked by a warning “Ne recommended“, since by disconnecting the loading and installation of safety patches, the system remains unprotected.
  • Below there are two more points related to the loading and installation of important patches, they also need to remove markers.

Disabling the Window Center 8There is also a way to disable Microsoft’s automatic download of software to Windows 8more precisely, this is a complete shutdown of the update center.

  • In the menu Control Panel, we switch to large icons to quickly find the section “Administration.
  • Here we need the function “Services.

Windows Services 8

  • We launch it, and in the list of services we are looking for “Update Center Windows.

Windows Update Center 8

  • With a double click on the service, open the parameters and turn it off, then click “Apply»And Ok.
  • After which, the service must be stopped.

Stop Window's Update Center 8Since in January 2016 Microsoft ceased supporting Windows 8, the work of the Service Center for Updates is in principle counterproductive, since the Windovs Update Center regularly launches the search for new patches and accordingly does not find, while actively chewing on the resources of the computer. So the decision to turn off auto-update is quite

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