How to open Task Manager on Windows 8

Windovs 8 from the moment of its appearance immediately caused a number of negative emotions associated with a completely new design and innovation. But with all its shortcomings, she possessed and a few pretty good buns nearby. One of them was a completely redesigned and improved Task Manager. It has become much simpler and more functional than the task manager console in early releases. By the way, in which almost nothing has changed with XP itself.Windows 8 Task ManagerIn the new Task Manager, the process is now grouped into groups, so that it is easier for the user to turn off the hovering application or disable some process that is not system. A more convenient interface in which you can see what load a processor gives a particular process, network speed and computer memory. A more informative performance window in which everything is extremely clear and in which even an inexperienced user will understand.Resource Monitoring at Windows Task Manager 8And also in the Windows Task Manager 8, now there is a tab “Auto Download“, here you can turn off certain programs that are automatically downloaded along with the operating system.

Launch Task Manager Windovs 8

  • To open the Task Manager Windows 8 you need to click on the desktop, on the toolbar with the right mouse key, and in the drop-down context menu select “Task Manager “.

How to open Task Manager at Windows 8

  • Or take advantage of the famous key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del. And select from the list “Task manager.

Windows 8 new task managerFrom here, by the way, you can quickly open the service management console, and turn on or off, if necessary, some service that provokes problems or errors. For example, here you can quickly turn off the Windows Update Center. It is enough to go to the last tab “Services“, and at the bottom of the window, run the console of services by clicking on the corresponding link. In the tab “Productivity»You can open resource monitoring for a detailed study of computer resource consumption by applications and

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