How to reinstall Windows 8

Installing or reinstalling the operating system, the process, although long, is actually very simple. Although this seems to be an impossible task for inexperienced users. In this article, we will try to cover the entire process as accessible as possible, accompanying all stages of installing Windows 8 with images.Re-install Windows 8Initially, we need to decide how we will restore the system. Since Windows 8 has a built-in recovery tool. It can be found in System Settings in the section Update and recovery – Recovery. Press the “buttonStart“, under the item”Ugive all the failes and reinstall Windows 8.Or use the boot media to clean the Windows 8 installation. For the second option, you will need a license key.Product Key Windows 8It will need to be entered, first in the utility window for creating the image of Windows 8 – MediaCreationTool, which can be downloaded on the Windows 8 download page. And then re-enter the key in the Windows 8 installation window.

Re-install Windows 8

If Windows 8 does not load and take the opportunity to reinstall Windows 8 from under the system does not work, then we will perform the reinstallation using loading flush (or CD, this is more convenient for anyone). The process of reinstalling Windows 8 using the installation media, in principle, is not much different from other versions.

  • Before how to reinstall Windows 8 on a computer, you should be worried about the safety of all important files. Since the hard drive will be formatted. You can save everything somewhere in a safe place, on a flash drive or in a cloud.
  • Next, switch to BIOS menu the priority of loading the operating system onto a disk or flash drive. You can not switch, but then you need to enter the Boot Menu boot menu, and there you select our installation media with the arrows on the keyboard. Naturally, he must be terribly inserted into the PC.

To boot into the BIOS, you must actively press the key to enter the BIOS settings menu when rebooting. It can be F2, F10, F11, F12. There may be a key combination. You can find out in more detail on the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard. Key for sBoot Menu Trances are most often Esc. Nthere can also be various options. We advise you to visit the office. a PC or laptop manufacturer’s website, and there you will find out for sure. Or experiment with different options.

Start installing Windows 8

  • Then the installation will begin, select the language and region (the default is Russian).

Choosing a language when reinstalling Windows 8

  • Then press the “buttonSet»In the center of the screen.

Install Windows 8

  • We introduce a license key, and then we accept the license agreement (read it by the council).

Windows License Agreement 8

  • In the next window, we need to select the installation option for experienced users, the top item with the update is not suitable for us.

Choosing the Windows 8 installation option

  • Then we format our system disk on which Windows is installed.

Windows 8 hard drive formatting when installed

Other discs and reserved the system cannot be touched. Andon the computer if there are other logic discs, and information is also to be formatted on them. You simply cannot install the system.

  • We select our local disk, click “Further.
  • The installation process will begin. This usually lasts about 20 minutes.

Installing Windows 8

  • Then the computer will restart. And here you will already need to make various settings from the user, set the name of the PC, make security system settings.

Use standard Windows 8 perameters

Of course, you can use standard parameters, there’s nothing wrong with that.. Nabout, if you do not want to send anonymous statistics, and copies of everything that, inputand from the keyboard, it’s worth some settings to turn off.

Completion of the Windows reinstallation 8

  • Here you will need to make an account, if one is not available, here you can create it, provided, of course, that there is an Internet connection. Or create a local account.

Windows account 8

  • And in the end we can observe how the background changes in bright colors, on which various messages periodically come up informing about the progress of the installation.

The desktop will load further. More precisely, the Windows 8 start-up

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