How to reinstall Windows 8 on a laptop

Any operating system may be subject to viral attacks, or various malfunctions caused by inappropriate user actions: when installing drivers and utilities, when removing some components of Windows, intentionally or accidentally. In some cases, it is not possible to correct the situation in conventional ways, such as treating a computer for viruses, or with functions to restore the system. And you have to resort to methods such as reinstalling Windows 8 on a computer or laptop.How to reinstall Windows 8There are several options for reinstalling Windows 8 on a laptop. The first and probably more correct is the clean installation of a system with full formatting, with a boot media. Or, as it is also called – installing Windows through the BIOS, although this is not a very competent name. And the second option is to reinstall Windows 8 using the built-in “Restoration” function. Where it is possible to restore Windows to its original state, with the removal of all files and applications. And also save all user files, but reinstall Windows, to the state at the time of the first launch. This option will work if Windows is loading, but for some reason, it is required to reinstall it.

Reinstall Windows 8 without boot disk

So, let’s get started.

  • We go to the system parameters menu, for this you need to place the mouse cursor in the lower right corner of the monitor so that a toolbar appears. We press the parameter icon. Here we are interested in the item “Change computer settings.

Configuring computer parameters for reinstalling Windows 8

  • Then we switch to the tab “Update and recovery.
  • And the next point is “Recovery.
  • Here we can see several categories – “Recovering a computer while saving all personal files” – (all programs, utilities and applications installed by the user for the entire period of use of the computer will be deleted). And the option with the removal of all the information and the return of the computer to its original state, at the time of installation.
  • Select the second point and click the “Start. Why the second? Because, in this way, we will complete the complete reset of the settings and restore the system to its original state.

Start Windows Recovery 8

  • Next, a warning appears that all files and applications will be deleted – confirm.

Windovs recovery 8 to its original state

  • Then you need to choose the option, completely clean the disk or reinstall Windows, select the first item.

Choosing a Windows recovery option 8

  • We click “Continue“, then the computer will restart and the process of returning Windows 8 to its original state will begin. It can take about half an hour or a little more.

Beginning of the conversion of Windows 8

  • At the final stages, as in the usual Windows 8 installation, you need to make settings, language and regional parameters, security parameters, and others.

Configuring Windows 8

  • Further, the final stages of the installation will be accompanied by reports on the installation progress against a brightness-changing background. (The pleasure, let’s say, is not fast, although the reports say that everything is about to happen soon). Until the desktop loads.

Windowdoms Installation Final 8

Pure reinstallation of Windows

The more preferable way, of course, is to reinstall Windows 8 on a laptop or computer using an installation medium. In this case, you can format the system disk and install a completely clean OS. But for this method, you need to write the image of Windows 8 on the boot media. For owners of the Windows 8 licensed operating system, you can use the utility MediaCreationTool, which can be downloaded on the official Microsoft websiteLearn more how to create Windows boot media 8 can be here. And also, here you can read – how to execute Windows 8 clean installation on a computer or laptop. Try, experiment, in fact, everything is much simpler than it

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