How to restart Windows 8

In Windows 8, the design of the operating system has been significantly redesigned when compared with the already classic “seven” or Wing XP. The interface is now called Metro UI. The changes affected the location of many elements, new ways appeared to call various functions. Standard menu “Start” replaced by a tiled interface. However, the location of the Windows 8 shutdown and reset button has changed.

Ways to Restart a Computer in Windows 8

There are a large number of computer reset methods in Windows 8. The simplest is the Restart button on the system block. But it is recommended that she use only when the operating system is hanging. In other cases, it is better to choose the safer options that will be discussed below.

Method 1: Charms Menu

One of the innovations of the G8 was the emergence of the Charms panel. It will be possible to call it if you point the mouse to the extreme right corner of the screen. A five-point menu will open. Among them, select “Parameters”.Channels Windows Panel 8Then click on the power icon below.Windows Options Panel 8A context menu with computer shutdown options opens. There is an alternative menu call option “Parameters”. Just press the Win + I buttons at the same time. The further course of action is exactly the same.

Method 2: Hotkeys

Reloading Windows 8 can also be called using hotkeys. The shutdown menu is activated through the Alt + F4 combination. Open the pop-up list and select the option to restart the computer. And then click “Ok”.Reloading through Windows Hotkeys 8

Method 3: New Start Menu

Though “Start” significantly revised, the computer shutdown menu is left. But the icon for calling it is moved to the upper right corner, next to the search icon and the account name.Reloading on the Start menu Windows 8From there you can restart the PC.

Method 4: Labour on the desktop

You can make a special shortcut to reset the computer. In this case, it will be activated by double click. To do this, go to any folder or desktop. In the free field, press PCM. Then select “Create – Yarlyk”. In the resulting graph, drive the following:shutdown / r / f / t 00Windows 8 Reboot BrightThen you need to specify the name for the shortcut, you can enter any, for example, Restart. When you double-click on it, the system will restart.Note: in the command attribute /t with digital attribution indicates the time before rebooting the PC. The example shows a null value, but you can set any delay (recorded in seconds)

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