How to take a screenshot on Windows 8

The screenshot allows you to save the entire image on the screen or part of it for subsequent editing or sending. This feature will be useful for any computer user. With it, you can save the necessary information, a funny shot, a system error that has arisen and much more.

Screenshot creation

Now let’s figure out how to make a screen on the Windows 8 laptop. There are two simple ways to implement using the internal tools of the operating system. The first is hotkeys, the second is a tool “Scissors”. An alternative is to use third-party programs. For a landline computer, everything is absolutely the same.

Option 1: Hotkeys

Initially, in Microsoft operating systems, the Print Screen key is responsible for capturing the entire screen area. In this case, the frame is placed in the clipboard. It can be immediately inserted into the email or message of the messenger via Ctrl + V. An alternative is downloading to the graphical editor for further editing. With it, you can save the image as a file with the desired resolution. There is still a combination – Win + PrtScrn. Pressing it automatically moves the entire screen to the folder. In this case, where are the screenshots on Windows 8? To do this, there is a special directory in the section “Images”, located in user documents.Transition to Images from ExplorerNote: sometimes screen using Print Screen cannot be done, a black image is obtained at the output. This usually happens in various programs and games. In this case, you should use third-party software to capture the image.

Option 2: Scissor Tool

As it became clear, with the help of hotkeys it is only possible to capture a certain window or the entire image. And what if only part of the screen is needed? Of course, you can cut it in a graphical editor, but you can use the tool “Scissors”. This is a special program that allows you to create a slicer of a given size area. Run it is easiest of the search, which is activated by pressing Win + Q at the same time. Enter the name of the element in the text box and click on the desired item.Windows Scissors Element 8It is extremely easy to use: in the window click on “Create”, then select the desired area when the LKM is clamped. The editing window will automatically open. In it, you can save the frame to a separate file.

Option 3: Third Party Program

If you do not have enough screen capture capabilities using the built-in Win tools, then you can use third-party programs. There is a large number of software of this kind, but one of the easiest to use is LightShot. Installation and launch instructions:

  1. Download the program at
  2. Open file setup-lightshot.exe.
  3. Select a language if the wrong one is set standard.Lightshot Installation Language
  4. Accept the license agreement and confirm the action.
  5. The installation procedure will take no more than a minute of time, wait for its end.
  6. At the very end, you will be offered to install a browser and various components of Yandex. It is recommended to remove all checkmarks and press “Finish”.Disabling the installation of redundant lightshot items

To make a screenshot of Windows 8, run the application from the menu “Start”, click on its icon in the tray and select the desired area. You can also activate the selection via the Print Screen key.

Important: Shadow Play is available to Nvidia video card owners. He is part of the GeForce Experience. With it, you can make a screen inside the game, as well as record a video.

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