How to uninstall Avast from Windows 8

Avast is an antivirus software that Microsoft is responsible for supporting. It is an excellent replacement for the standard Windows Defender, and performs the tasks set qualitatively. However, often users put this antivirus by accident, offers about this are found in installation packages of various programs.

Deinstallation of the program

You can uninstall the program with the full-time means of the system – using “Programs and components”. But in this case, it is likely that any antivirus files will remain. To complete the complete uninstallation, which is called, completely, you should use a special utility.

Option 1: Standard Removal

If you are interested in a simple option, how to remove Avast from Windows 8, then you should use the standard system tools. First, open the Control Panel. It’s pretty easy to make from the search menu. Find an element in it “Programs and components” and open it.Programs and components in the Control Panel A complete list of applications installed on the computer will be displayed. In the list, find all the components in whose name Avast is present, sequentially click on them PCM, and then select the delete item.

Antivirus Disinstallation in Programs and Components

Option 2: Avast Uninstall Utility

If you are looking for a way to remove Avast completely from Windows 8, then you should use the special utility – Avast Uninstall Utility. With its help, you can erase the antivirus from the entire computer, without residual files.

  1. Download the program on
  2. Run the exe file.
  3. If the antivirus is installed on a standard path, then leave the fields unchanged, otherwise – indicate the correct location.

    General view of Avast Clear

  4. Install the software version and click “Delete”.

Important: the developer recommends that Avast be uninstalled using the utility in a safe mode. For how to enable it, read our article “Enabling Safe Mode for Windows 8”.

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