How to install Windows 8

The need to install Windows 8 may appear on any user. Most often, the reasons are related to the need to return to previous settings or are caused by computer failures. But there are other circumstances.

Operating System Installation Procedure

If you are looking for a way to install Windows 8 on Windows 10, then it is best to install using the “clean” method. First you need to prepare a boot disk. Then you need to set the BIOS launch from the removable media. To do this, restart the PC, press the Delete button many times until a menu with a blue background appears. If it didn’t help, then try F2.Now go to the section Boot. The parameter is responsible for the loading order Boot Priority. In the first place you need to put a removable media.Optical Disk Download in BIOSThen go back to the main screen, to the tab Exit. There, select the reset option using the changes. Now wait for the computer to start. An inscription will be displayed on a black background, then click on Enter or another keyboard button. Set the language and start the installation procedure.Note: if you are asked for a license key from the very beginning, then try specifying the 4NY9C-Q2VW8-84VH3-YPMDY-FF9T7 sequence.The first thing to do is to accept licensing conditions. Choose the installation of the operating system, not the recovery or update. Then comes the selection of the section for the G8.Windows Disk Breakdown 8And there are two options:

  1. Installation on top of an existing OS. In this case, existing system files will be moved to the Windows.old folder and will occupy the hard disk space. But the user data will not suffer.
  2. Complete formatting of hard disk partitions followed by disassembly.

It is preferable to choose the second option to set Windows 8 in a “clean” way, without residual files. Therefore, delete all sections, create new ones as needed, format, and then select the one you need. Now the main part of the installation will begin, but it is carried out in automatic mode, nothing is required of the user. At the end, the PC will reboot.Windows 8 reboot messageIn the process, you must go back to BIOS and return the settings to the original value. It’s about Boot priority. In the first place is to put the hard drive or solid state drive on which the system files lie. This is not necessary, you can simply remove the boot media. The main part of the instruction on how to install Windows 8 on a computer is over. Only the completion of the procedure remains.

Installation completion

When the computer reboots, the Windows installation 8 will continue. To begin with, an activation window will appear. If you have an purchased version of the operating system, then specify the product key. Otherwise – click ” Skip”.Then comes the color scheme, and then you need to enter the computer name. Next – various OS parameters. An ordinary user should not change anything; it is better to leave standard values.Choosing standard Windows 8At any time, everything can be reconfigured. At the end, the account is being created. For her, you need to specify a name, the password is optional. Then the application of the configuration will begin, which will take some time. At the same time, various hints on working with the OS will be

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