How to turn on bluetooth on Windows 8

Bluetooth is present in almost all laptops. This is the name of a wireless communication standard designed to synchronize devices. Most often, it is used to connect different peripherals. For example, a wireless mouse. But he may have another appointment. The article will discuss how to turn on the bluetooth on the Windows 8 laptop.

Bluetooth enable

The Bluetooth enable procedure varies in Windows 8 and 8.1. Next, both options will be outlined. But first, you should make sure that there is no special switch for this function in the laptop. Usually it is labeled as Wireless. If he is present, then translate his position into On.

Option 1: Windows 8

The Windows laptop blueprint 8 is activated as follows:

  1. Use the Win + I key combination.
  2. The panel opens “Parameters”, go to the menu “Change of parameters …”.From there, open the tab Wireless Network.
  3. From the current window you can enable or disable the desired function.
  4. Now go to the tab “Devices”.Devices in Windows 8
  5. From here you can connect to a new device.

Most often, the search for devices is immediately activated. What if this did not happen? In this case, the problem may lie in the adapter itself or the driver for it. In the first case, only the acquisition of an external device will help. In the second – software update. To begin with, it is worth checking the status of the bluetooth adapter in the Device Manager. The easiest way to call it through a search. Open a new menu “Start” and click on the loupe-shaped icon. Then enter “Dispatcher of tasks” and run the corresponding item.Search ManagerIn the pop-up list, find the necessary equipment and check its condition. If an error is displayed, then go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer and download the necessary software. It is possible that the driver for Bluetooth is not suitable for the G8. In this case, try running the installation in compatibility mode with Windows 7. Most likely, this will solve the problem.

Option 2: Windows 8.1

This method of how to turn on the bluetooth on the Windows 8 laptop will be valid exclusively in OS 8.1. In this case, the number of actions is much lower. First you need to call the Charms panel. To do this, go to the desktop, and then translate the mouse into one of the right corners of the screen.Channels Windows Panel 8Then click on the item “Parameters”. This menu can be accessed even easier. To do this, press Win + I. Below is the inscription “Change of parameters …”, click on her. Then go to the tab Computer and Devices. Find Bluetooth there. On this, the inclusion of wireless communication is over, the search for devices is immediately activated. In addition, the laptop will also be displayed in the

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