How to enable the on-screen keyboard on Windows 8

The Windows 8 screen keyboard allows you to perform any actions on the computer using the mouse. It will be useful in a situation where the physical keyboard does not work for any reason, or its use is not possible. This function belongs to the category “Special Opportunities”.

Function Enabling

Three ways to enable a function:

  1. On the main screen, go to the menu “All applications”. Open there “Special Opportunities” and enable the desired function.Front Screen Keyboard Location
  2. An alternative is through the Control Panel. There open “Special Opportunities” and click on the activation item.Activation of the element through the Control Panel
  3. The easiest way to run this service is through search. Press Win + Q and in the text box enter the “Ekrannaya” request. Activate the first program from the issue. But it is worth understanding that the implementation of this method is impossible without a working physical input device.

Note: you can automatically enable the keyboard when loading the system. To do this, open “Control Panel”, find there “Special Opportunities”. Now click on “Using a computer without …”. All that remains is to open the menu “Change the input parameters”. And there, set the function of turning on the virtual keyboard when starting the PC.

Activating function before user login

Breaking a regular keyboard may cause the login to be impossible if a password is set to the account. What to do in a situation where access to computer files is urgently needed? Again, it will be possible to get out of the situation using the Windows 8 on-screen keyboard.On the login screen, click on the icon “Special Opportunities”. From the context menu, activate the desired function.Enabling the keyboard on the Windows login screen 8The keyboard panel will appear. Now set the cursor in the text box, and then drive the secret combination with the mouse and confirm the

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