How to enter BIOS on Windows 8

Sometimes in the instructions for solving any problems related to the functioning of a computer or laptop, it is written that you need to enter the Win 8 BIOS. But it is far from always mentioned how to open it. It is also possible that the described method does not help. Most often, we are talking about pressing a button when restarting the PC.

Going to BIOS

Mostly, the methods described are related to pressing a key on the keyboard at the time the computer boots up. But in this article we will talk about programmatic ways of how to open this menu from the system.

Method 1: Custom boot options

The first method of how to open the BIOS on Windows 8 is related to special computer boot options. Call the menu Optionsfrom the new Charms panel. > Charms bar Windows 8Click on the line “Change settings …” and go to the section “Update and recovery”. Then click on the column “Recovery” and select the item “Restart now”.Enable Windows 8 custom boot option

Wait until the PC restarts and click on the “Diagnostics” button, and then “Advanced Options”. From here you can exit to the BIOS.

Method 2: Command line

The command line provides access to a large number of system functions that are called through special requests, without a graphical interface. Another option is connected with this, how to enable Bios on Windows 8. You will be able to launch the desired element from the search. Open the Start menu and click on the magnifying glass icon. In the text field, enter “Command line”. Command line in the SearchRMB click on the desired element and select run with administrator rights.

In the terminal window, enter the following query:

shutdown.exe /r /o

Reboot to BIOS via command lineThis will automatically restart your computer in various modes. From the window that appears, you can go to the BIOS.

Method 3: Shift + Reload

This option is only suitable for Windows 8.1. Simultaneously press the Win + I buttons. Click the “Shutdown” button. 8.png”>Windows 8 Settings PanelThen hold Shift and activate the restart option. The computer or laptop will enter the startup option selection mode.

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