Start button for windows 8

Classic shell for windows 8 is a large start button that immediately catches the eye of all users. It is the main feature of the eight, since with standard settings it is absent. The creators decided that it was simply not needed, because in the new Windows it is much easier to go to various folders. But do not worry, this button can be easily returned by checking a small number of actions.

Start menu for windows 8 – how to return?

The first good news is that no utilities are needed to download this button to return. The process is embedded in the standard operating system. That is, the developers expected that many users would want to return the launch for the 8 Windows, so they made the process easy.knopka-pusk-dlya-windows- 8There is one nuance, as such we will not receive a button, but there are similar options. They will simply and easily replace it. Software developers took care of this. Using the standard features and tools of Windows 8, you can get the analogy of the menu button.

The first option is the program launch menu

Windows 8 Start menu is a popular online request. But you need to consider real options, therefore:

  • We click the mouse and go to the taskbar, then we need a toolbar and the “Create Toolbar” tab;

start button for windows 8

  • C: ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms – this entry must be entered in the window that appears;

button on Windows 8

  • At the same time, a new button will appear on the taskbar, it will be called “Programs. If you click on it, then you will get a whole list of all installed utilities. Why did we crank up this process? Now you can easily and using one button to view all installed programs on your computer;

knopka-pusk-dlya-windows- 8

  • If the idea of editing this icon once appears, then you need to right-click on it and delete it.

The second option is the start screen launch button

This method is a great analogy to the start button. It is suitable for those who evaluate all the advantages of the start screen of this version of Windows, but still want to return the old start button, which for him is the standard of the entire system. To do this is very simple, just use the instructions provided.

  • Open the desktop and create a new folder there. The place does not matter, the choice is yours. We open it and create a label inside;
  • We need to go into the master of creating new shortcuts and indicate the following there – explorer.exe shell ::: {2559a1f8-21d7-11d4-bdaf-00c04f60b9f0} 2;

knopka-pusk-dlya-windows- 8

  • You can call it anything you like, but since we are very bored with the Start button, it is worth calling it that. Now open the properties, just right-click on the icon. We need the “Yarlyk” tab, then we change the icon;

knopka-pusk-dlya-windows- 8

  • The system will try to forward you to an unnecessary address so that you search for the desired icon. But we just enter – C: Windowsehomeehshell.exe and choose our favorite picture;

knopka-pusk-dlya-windows- 8

  • Almost ready, left to right-click on the icon and click “fasten on the taskbar”
  • Ideally, you can drag her to any place, even to the one on which she was in Windows 7 and XP.

If you click on the button, we will get the initial Windows screen 8 and all available programs. It turns out that this is the same Start button that we are so bored with. An excellent analogue for Windows fans 7, who still decided to switch to something newer and more innovative. In rare cases, a person sets the eight only for the reason that he works on a laptop or tablet. Then this option is for him the only chance to return the full-fledged Start button.

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