Why the keyboard does not work on Windows 8

In some situations, Windows 8 users stop working on the keyboard. Such a problem occurs regardless of the type of device connection – through the USB port or PS / 2 socket. The result is a large number of problems, up to the impossibility of entering the system due to the password. The article will discuss computer fixation when the Windows keyboard 8 does not work.

Problem solution

To begin with, you should make sure that the cause of the problem lies on the program, and not on the hardware level. In this case, we are talking about the operability of the keyboard itself and the connector in which it is connected. If possible, connect it to another PC. You should also try inserting the keyboard cord to another connector if it has a USB connection. With PS / 2 be careful. Next to this connector should be the marking of the device, do not confuse it with the mouse socket. If this solution to the problem did not help, then perhaps the problem could be eliminated by setting up the system, if it is not associated with a breakdown of the input device itself.

Stage 1: Login

This stage can be skipped if you do not have a password. But when the secret combination is present, the system simply does not allow the user to enter. And it is not possible to enter it from the keyboard, since the computer does not see it. Then you need to press the button on the user’s selection screen “Special Opportunities” and select an item “Ekran keyboard”.Enabling the keyboard on the Windows login screen 8Now there will be no difficulties with entering the password. Just press on the virtual keys with the mouse, not forgetting to select the text box.

Stage 2: Settings

First open the category “This computer in the conductor. Click PCM from the empty location and select “Properties”. A PC information window will appear on the screen. In the left block there is a point Device Manager, click on it.

Windows Device Manager 8

A list of all hardware components of the computer will open. Find the section “Claivators”. In it, open the only device.

Keyboard component in the Device Manager

First, try to remove the driver, and then restart the computer, when you start it will recover. If the Windows 8 keyboard still does not work, then roll back. Then a problem not related to the device itself will be resolved.@top-advice.ru

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