Windows 8 does not see DVD drive

Win 8 does not see dvd drive – a popular problem that replenishes the list of invisible devices and devices. Operating systems quite often do not notice phones, flash drives, or even DVD drives. How to solve this problem? Often it is very simple and the process takes only a few minutes. It lies in the fact that they did not understand the trouble, because if you think a little, you can solve it yourself.

Problem solution

The most common problem is that the hasty user connected the drive in the wrong connector. Everything has its own place in the computer, so you need to initially check this nuance well. Unfortunately, most people bring a computer to the service center, workers in turn understand the ease of the problem, but still take money from near-minded users. In order not to get into their number, you need to solve the problem yourself. How can this trouble be affected?

  • Change some parameters in the registry;

Windows 8 does not see dvd

  • Determine and correctly set the values of the controllers;

vindovs- 8 -ne-vidit-dvd-privod

  • Change controller address;

Windows 8 does not see DVD drive

  • Reinstall port driver and use special settings;

windows 8 does not see DVD drive

  • Move port to free device;
  • View device technical support rules and complete everything as described in the instructions.

These are the main options that will help you in the problem. It makes no sense to stipulate the rest, because they will take too much time, they need a knowledge base and certain skills. If after all the above actions nothing has changed, then it is worth taking the device to a service center – it really has a malfunction. As for the list, take apart every moment for too long, but it’s worth a try. Start with the first option, as it is the simplest, and move to the very last.

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