Windows 8 does not see hard drive

Operating systems very often do not see any devices, but the hard drive is highlighted among them. After all, this detail is very important in the overall operation of the computer, so it must be installed correctly. The problem can arise both during the installation of the operating system, and during the installation of hard drives. The elimination method differs for both options, so you should consider them in more detail.

Windows 8 does not see the hard drive – solution

Often during the installation of the operating system, drivers on the hard drive are absent, so the system does not see it. But this almost always applies to laptops, on PC such a problem is less common. You need to see the certificate of your computer and find out which processor is used. Next, download and install the driver for storage technology. All this needs to be done on a separate device, unpack the archive. We throw it on a flash drive, where the operating system is located. Next, during installation time, you need to go to the “Download” tab and select the driver installation. When it ends, new sections of the Winchester will appear, the problem is solved.Windows 8 does not see the hard driveThere is another variation of the problem – when the computer itself does not see the hard drive, if it is connected through an external media. The problem is solved this way:

  • We open the control panel and set “Large icons” for the viewing parameter. We go to the administration section and select PC control;

vindovs- 8 -ne-vidit-zhestkij-disk

  • Now we run this tool and look at the left menu, we need to find – Reminder devices. Next, go to disk control and view all connected devices.

disk management windows 8If you have an eight or a dozen, then the procedure will go very quickly, if XP – there are slight differences. For example, administration can only be opened through the “Programs” tab after pressing the start button.

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