Windows 8 does not see flash drive

Why windows 8 does not see flash drive is a popular search engine request by Google and Yandex. Indeed, such a problem occurs in the new operating system. But it does not always consist of Windows itself, sometimes troubles occur due to a flash drive or a broken adapter. Before reading further, make sure that your nest into which the flash drive is inserted works correctly.

How to solve the problem?

Often, Windows does not see flash drives due to a disconnected port. To connect it, just insert the flash drive into any other PC socket. At least 2 port is always present on the laptop, often 4 on the stationary PC. Therefore, even if the second option does not work, it is worth examining the rest. If the flash drive works in another nest, then the first port does not work correctly, or rather does not work at 8 -ne-vidit-fleshku

Why could he break?

  • If you always put your flash drive carelessly, using force. Or they could pull it too sharply – this leads to clouding of contacts or a breakdown of the clamp;
  • One of the controllers just burned down;
  • There is no special driver on this port;
  • Inside BIOS, this output can simply be disabled.

windows 8 does not see flash driveConsider the last option for a problem. You must go to the BIOS, pre-loading the computer. Next, we need to find the SUSB settings and open them. ENABLED is the word that confirms the inclusion of all ports. If it is not somewhere, then you need to make a few clicks. Well, the last option lies in the flash drive itself. It can elementally break or be with the virus. The second option is more dangerous, because an infected file can get into the computer and harm it. By the way, sometimes for this reason the computer does not see the flash drive – it is simply blocked by an antivirus, which found prohibited files on it. But they are not always viruses.

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