Windows 8 reviews

Not so long ago, Windows 8 came out. User feedbacks were different, some colorful and positive, others were gloomy and negative. But still the first was much larger. The eight struck everyone with the beauty of visual effects, as well as a significantly simplified menu. Now getting to some important files is very easy. Of the cons – people led to past systems, namely the eight, nothing like them.

Windows 8: reviews

We gave some feedback in order to understand whether it is worth installing an eight on your computer?

  • Installed Windows 8 a few years ago and was incredibly surprised. There was never any idea to return to the seven. I really liked the instant solution to all problems, one click and the system works lightning fast. Everything jumps, opens, closes, with work at full speed. The developers achieved this by greatly simplifying the visualization of the system. But she did not look worse;

reviews about the windows system 8

  • I read a lot of reviews and do not agree that Windows 8 is superfluous. The installation took me 20 minutes, while my computer never differed in power and speed. The system independently installed and updated all drivers in a few minutes. It was not even necessary to climb the Internet and look for something on your own. The only minus is the Start button, which is very used to. But after a couple of months I completely forgot about her;

Windows reviews 8

  • Incredibly productive Windows, which allowed my computer to just fly in the literal sense of the word. The seventh winch spent at least one and a half gigas of my RAM, which is not to say about the eight, which requires a maximum of 800 megabytes. This significantly accelerated the computer itself, now that I am launching the Internet and programs, they do not need to load for dozens of seconds, one is enough. All the hangings completely disappeared and so on. Minusov did not notice, everything is fine;

reviews about windows 8

  • Fortunately, 8 Windows was standard on the purchased laptop. At first I didn’t think so. The absence of the “Start” button was generally frightened and put into a stupor. The interface looked very wild and unusual, albeit attractive. He sorted out for about a week and eventually began to be delighted. The system is made specifically for people – everything is very simplified, almost nothing needs to be done on its own. I replaced the video card, so the drivers were installed independently, and the latest version.

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