Windows 8 factory reset

Windows 8 is the penultimate operating system from the famous Microsoft company. He was considered innovative, appeared with a large number of new settings and immediately fell in love with users. But he did not finally come, according to statistics, most users remained at Windows 7. Nevertheless, a large number of people use the eight, and like everyone else, sometimes problems arise.

How to restore factory settings in Windows 8?

Many users of the eight are wondering how to get back to factory settings? There can be many reasons for this. Often a person changed something, forgot how he did it and now cannot use the system normally. Therefore, he just wants to reset everything to standard 8 -vosstanovlenie-k-zavodskim-nastrojkamInstruction:

  • First you need to use the panel, which is located on the right. It is easiest to press the key with the Windows + C icon;
  • Now we need to select “Change computer parameters;
  • Next, we look for a general section and click on “Deleting all data and reinstalling Windows”;

windows- 8 -vosstanovlenie-k-zavodskim-nastrojkam

  • Be sure to check out the information that appears. It will say what will happen to the computer when you use the factory settings;

returning the computer to its original state windows 8

  • Press further and select the hard drive on which the Windows is mounted;

windows- 8 -vosstanovlenie-k-zavodskim-nastrojkamrestoration to factory settings of Windows 8Recovery windows 8

  • Done!

If you have win 8, restoring the system to factory settings can be done very quickly. No need to download any programs or utilities. Just use the above instructions and then restart the computer. After turning on, Windows will be as clean as with factory settings from the very beginning. There are several more ways, but they all take longer and may seem more difficult to an ordinary user. Therefore, you do not need to look for long ways, just use this instruction.

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