Windows 8 boot disk

The need to create a Windows boot disk 8 appears in the event of a reinstallation of the operating system or when it is restored. For this, a USB drive of the desired volume or a standard DVD-blank is suitable.

Download Media Recording

First, consider the procedure for creating a boot media. It will be done using specialized software from Microsoft, in which case you do not need to look for the image of the G8. It will boot from the developer’s official website. An alternative is recording using the internal means of the system. But in this case, the assembly of Windows must be sought on its own.

Method 1: Microsoft Utility

Microsoft has a special program designed to turn a conventional flash drive (at least 4 GB) into a boot media. Its name is Media Creation Tool. Instructions for using:

  1. Download the utility from the page (find the item “Download tool” bottom of the page).
  2. Run the file with the exe extension.
  3. Select the installation language, the publication of the OS, as well as the discharge (x64 – for computers with 4 GB and more RAM, x86 – for others).Entering initial data in MCT
  4. On the next screen, select the first item and click “Next”.Selecting a USB PCT device
  5. Then you need to select the media for recording, a message will appear about the complete removal of data from it, confirm the action.PCT flash drive formatting
  6. Wait for the download and write process to complete.Start loading OS in MCT

Method 2: System Staff

To prepare for the installation of Windows 8 from the disk, it is not necessary to use the Media Creation Tool. The boot carrier can also be prepared using the full-time system. But at the same time, a finished image of the operating system is needed. At the same time, it can be noted that special software is not required for configuration, everything is done using built-in utilities. The first thing to do is put the disk in the optical drive. Then go to the catalog, which stores the image of the G8. Click on the desired PCM document, and then select “Record disk image”.

Windows Disk Image Recording 8

After confirming the action and specifying the necessary data, the preparation procedure will start. Just wait for the end message.

Start of installation

Now let’s figure out how to install Windows 8 from the disk. The installation procedure is extremely simple. The main difficulty is its launch. To do this, change the BIOS settings. There you need to put in order to load devices in the first place removable media.Optical Disk Download in BIOSAnd then go out with the adoption of changes.BIOS settingsWhen you restart the PC, a black screen with the inscription will appear, press the keyboard key.Black screen with text when installing Windows 8The installation procedure will begin, just follow the prompts on the

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