Sticky Keys Windows 8

Quickly call the built-in system functions using the Ctrl, Win, Alt, or Shift combinations with other buttons on the keyboard. Moreover, you need to press them at the same time. But for some users it is simply impossible. The sticking function is designed to facilitate their operation with hot keys. Its activation makes it possible to sequentially press, for example, Ctrl, and then V to insert text. It is called multiple input of the desired button.

Windows key sticking window 8

But very often, a situation arises when during the game session, working with text and other activities where the keyboard is actively involved, a proposal for activating this function appears. Moreover, it is very distracting. The solution to the problem will be to completely turn off the key.

Simple shutdown method

This function refers to the special capabilities of the operating system. Therefore, it is deactivated from the corresponding menu. Instructions on how to disable the filling of keys on Windows 8:

  1. Call the side menu from the desktop. To do this, hover over one of the right corners of the screen or press Win + I at the same time.
  2. Below the window click on “Change computer parameters”.

    Location of the Windows 8 Settings Change Button

  3. Now go to the section “Special Opportunities”.
  4. Need a tab “Claivature”.
  5. In the key block, you can enable or disable the sticking function. You can also configure the sound notification when you click the buttons from the Scroll category.

    Disabling sticking in Special Features

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