Burning discs on Windows 8

Even in Windows 7 there was a function of recording disks through a conductor, she also moved to the G8. This is very convenient, because it is not necessary to install additional programs to transfer files from computer to blockhead. Everything can be done by the built-in system tools.

Disk Recording Process

Consider how to write the disc to Windows 8 in all details. First, paste the CD, DVD or Blueray blockhead into the optical drive. A notification will appear in the system with a proposal for options. Click on the item “Record files …”.Sometimes the autopload is turned off, in this case the dialog box will not appear. Then open the section “This computer” in the conductor and click PCM on the media, there select the startup item, a window from the previous paragraph will appear.Autostart disk for Windows 8Now you need to enable the write option, at the end of the name of which is USB.Windows 8 Dummy Recording OptionsConfirm the selection, the procedure for formatting the blockhead will start. At this time, it is advisable not to load the computer with any processes. When the cleaning is over, go to “This computer” and open the inserted disk as a regular folder. In this mode, the system is ready to record, a corresponding notification will appear. Now it remains just to move the necessary files to the optical disk. This is done both by copying and dragging. The dialog box will display the recording process.


When all the necessary files are moved to the blockhead, you must correctly complete the recording session. To do this, return to “This computer”, click PCM on the optical drive icon and click “Extract”.Disk Extraction for Windows 8

Delete files

RW format blanks support multiple recording. Files from such disks can be deleted at any time. To do this, turn on the recording session according to the instructions from the first paragraph of the article, open the media, erase or move the necessary data to the PC, and then retrieve.


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