The endless search for Windows Vista updates

One of the most unsuccessful, one might say, failed operating systems was Windows Vista. From the first days of its release and after a long time, it has earned a reputation as the most buggy OS. Subsequently, of course, SP1 and SP2 were released, modified with bug fixes and vulnerabilities. But the initial effect it produced did not pass by. Users who once heard about the unsuccessful and buggy Vista avoided it, and the “lucky ones” who dared to upgrade to it from XP very quickly returned back, literally hating, by the way, a very beautiful operating system.

After the release of SP2 and provided that it was installed on a computer with more sufficient system requirements for Vista – this is a 2-core processor, RAM 2 GB or more, a video card with a capacity of at least 512 MB Vista worked just perfectly. But no one paid any attention to this, by that time the “seven” was in full swing winning the hearts and minds, which was nothing more than a modified and corrected Vista. But no one paid any attention to that either. The effect of the first appearance and the first failures gave their own, “Vista” was overboard. But there are still users who have appreciated the product and still use this OS. This is somewhere around 1.5% of all users in the world.

Windows Vista Update

What to do if Windows Vista cannot find an update

Microsoft officially stopped supporting Windows Vista back in 2012, 2 years before the end of support for XP. But after that time, a few minor patches were still released. And in 2017, in April, any support was completely stopped, in general. This applies not only to automatic updates through the Update Center, but also to user support. In this regard, the system unsuccessfully tries to find files to download and install on the network, launching a long search for Windows Vista updates, but does not find it. An endless search starts.

Search for Windows Vista updates

When reinstalling Windows Vista, now after support is officially discontinued, previously released security packages will have to be manually downloaded and installed by users on the Microsoft website in the Support – Downloads section. Having previously disabled the search and installation of security patches in the settings, so as not to torment the machine without success, as the system starts the eternal search for Windows Vista updates.

Endless search for updates

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