How to update Vista

You can have different attitudes about the Windows Vista operating system, but many users still work on it. And for them, the question of how to update Windows Vista will be very relevant.

Options for updating Vista

Generally speaking, you can update this operating system in three ways:

  • Through the Control Panel;
  • Downloading all the necessary files from the official Microsoft server;
  • And also downloading them from third-party sources.

Well, in order not to have to manually update every time, it is recommended to set an automatic update. It is done like this:

  1. Launch the Control Panel;
  2. We select the item “System and security;How to update Vista
  3. Next, select “Renewal and Safety”;
  4. And note “Automatically update the system.

Depending on a particular collection of Vista, these points may have different names, but the essence remains the same.How to update Vista

Updating Windows Vista

In order to update the Vista OS to the current version, you will need to call the same Control Panel, then perform all the actions described above, but this time select “Search for Updates”. After some time, the system will find all the necessary files on Microsoft servers and begin to install them. It is possible that it will also be proposed to restart the computer.How to update VistaYou can also go by You can also go by Microsoft official website and download all the necessary files for updating from there. Finally, you can download files from some third-party resource. But do not forget about safety and use only proven sites – so that instead of updating you do not download any virus. As soon as the update package is downloaded, it will need to be launched and wait a bit, until the installer fulfills everything necessary. It is also possible that you will need to restart the computer. However, in any case, you need to keep in mind that the update packages for Vista have not been released since the spring of 2017. So, although the old packages, relevant until 2017, can still be downloaded, you don’t have to count on new ones: they decided in Microsoft, that there is no longer any need to spend time and time supporting the outdated OS. The word, nothing complicated in how to update Windows Vista, no. And thanks to this, you can be completely calm for the fact that the system is in full alert and supports all the latest computer

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