How to reinstall Windows Vista

The question of how to reinstall Windows Vista may turn out to be for many owners of this OS, who, for one reason or another, prefer Vista to new operating systems of the Windows family.

Reinstallation methods

You can reinstall Vista:

  • With saving user data (documents, configuration, etc.);
  • Without saving data – when, for example, the system is so damaged that nothing can be done.

Save data

In order to reinstall using the first method, you will need to insert the disk with the Vista distribution kit and select the “System Restore” option.

How to reinstall Windows Vista

Next, you just need to follow the instructions on the screen.

No saving

To perform a clean reinstallation of Vista, you will first need to make sure that all valuable data is saved, as it will be deleted from the hard drive during the formatting process.

Then, in the BIOS settings of the computer, the boot priority from the CD is set. Before exiting the BIOS, you will need to insert the disk into the drive and only then reboot. The installation process will begin. How to reinstall Windows Vista


In general, it does not differ from a similar process for other operating systems of the Windows line. The only difference is that a graphical interface was used here for the first time. So everything has become not only more beautiful, but also convenient. In particular, it became possible to more flexibly configure hard disk partitions using standard system tools.

For the rest, you will only need to occasionally click on the “Next” buttons and confirm the selected actions.

Specific installation on a laptop

By the way, reinstalling Windows Vista on a laptop is no different from a similar process on a desktop PC. In this case, everything that was said above will remain true. But often laptop manufacturers provide the ability to restore the system using a special partition on the disk.

In order to use this section, you will need to call the recovery program (how to do this is described in the instructions for the laptop, for example, by pressing the F2 key during computer startup). And among the proposed options, select the desired option – restore, reinstall, etc.

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