Windows Vista won’t boot

In the operation of any operating systems, failures may occur. In some situations, problems occur with Windows Vista. An error is common when the installation files are not launched or the OS is simply not loaded.

Reasons for the problem

If the problem is that the Windows Vista installation files are not running, then most likely the reason lies in the damage to the system components responsible for the operation of the installation service. When the problem is related to the operation of the OS itself and the impossibility of its launch, then the bootloader is involved. In both cases, a computer rollback to its previous state will help, when everything was normal. There is a more radical way to solve the problem – system reinstallation.

Problem 1: Non-alignment services

The occurrence of malfunctions of this kind is most often caused by the operation of viruses, improper operation of the computer (for example, disconnection from the power supply during the execution of any process), failures in installing programs or when updating the system. You can try to more accurately determine the cause of the failure and work with it point-wise. But an ordinary user may not cope with such a task, in addition, determining a problem sometimes takes a long time. A simpler way to fix will be a system rollback. Recovery starts from the menu “Start”. Open the service program tab and select the appropriate item.Start recovery through the Start menuThen just press “Next”, select a control point and confirm the changes.Start Windows Vista RecoveryAt the end of the procedure, the computer will reboot, returning to the configuration when there was no problem.

Problem 2: Loader Failure

The bootloader is the utility responsible for starting the OS. If she crashed, then Windows Vista does not start. In such a situation, the previous recovery option becomes impossible. In this case, you should try downloading the previous configuration. To start rebooting the computer. When the image appears on the monitor, press F8 (located in the top row of the keyboard). A list of system start options is opened. It interests us point “The last successful …”.Run the latest successful Windows Vista configurationSelect it and wait for the result. If the computer is successfully turned on, then that’s it. Otherwise – try loading in safe mode.Enabling Windows Vista Safe ModeSelect it and wait for the result. If the computer is successfully turned on, then that’s it. Otherwise – try loading in safe mode.And already in it, perform the restoration according to the first instruction. An alternative is rollback using a boot

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