Upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7

The process of updating Vista to “seven” is most simplified.  For example, when moving from Windows XP to Windows 7, you have to completely remove everything and clean the installation of the new OS. In the case of Windows Vista, upgrade to Windows 7, which can be as easily as possible, while saving all files, documents and programs installed on the computer.Windows Vista transition to 7 Moving as smoothly as possible, Microsoft is committed to ensuring that the previous version of Windows is simply updated to the next, new version of the operating system. Usually, after the release of SP1, the system becomes more stable and less buggy, so when switching to a new version, this must be taken into account. But in the case of Windows Vista, upgrade to Windows 7 is not a problem, since SP1 on 7 came out a long time ago and the system has established itself for many years as the best and most stable.Windowswing Options 7

How to upgrade Windows Vista to “seven”

In order to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7 for free, we first need to check the readiness of the system for this transition. Check if the computer’s resources are enough, in a word, to check whether the resources available in the computer coincide with the declared system requirements for the seven. Having made sure that there is enough computer power to update, let’s start updating. All programs and all our data will be successfully transferred to the new system.

  • To check your computer for Windows 7, you can download a special utility that scan the system and produce the result, about compatibility. And also warns of functions that will be unavailable in the new system. This utility is called “Windows transition adviser 7. You can download it online for free.

Windowsworth Advisor 7 

  • We install the utility and run. For its operation, an Internet connection is required, since the utility from the network collects information about compatibility.
  • We implement the recommendations of the adviser: with a lack of memory – it is advisable to add memory if there is not enough space on the hard drive, then it will be necessary to clean the system disk.

Advisor Windows 7

Updating Windows to Windows 7 is easy

  • Having ascertained that the Vista update to Windows 7 – the move is available, let’s start updating. We need to prepare a boot disk or flash drive with the Windows 7 operating system. We will not load from him, we need him only in order to insert it into the drive or connect, we will start the update from the Vista operating system.
  • We open our disk or flash drive with a recorded OS and run the program (Setup) double-click and click “Continue.
  • The installation of Windows will start.
  • After that, click the ” buttonSet.
  • The installer will copy temporary files to the computer and after that the installation will be launched.

Updating Windows Vista on a computer

In fact, this installation is no different from the usual reinstallations of Windows 7. The only thing is the nuance – here you need to select the item “Do not download the latest updates“, we can download them after installation.

  • We accept the terms of the license agreement and click “Further.
  • In the next window we select the “sectionUpdate“(if, when installed clean, select”Full installation for experienced users“), here, it is the first tile”Update.

Update to Windows 7The update will save our files, all documents that are available on the computer and all installed programs. Windows Vista allows you to make such an update to the “seven. The update point will be active only when switching to a compatible version. When you try to make the transition to an incompatible version, the section with the update will be inactive and only the full installation can be performed.

  • Again, the program will conduct a compatibility check, perhaps a warning about any restrictions will appear (for example, some language packages or functions will not be available, which were available in Vista will also be disabled).

But it doesn’t matter, we will get new features and functions that will be available in the “seven”.

  • We press “Further“and the subsequent installation steps will not differ in any way from the complete, clean installation of Windows 7 from a disk or flash drive. After completing all the installation steps in time, a little more than half an hour, and Windows 7 is ready to use.


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