Upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows Vista

It is believed that today updating to Windows 10 Windows Vista is no longer possible for free. It will be necessary either to buy a full-fledged distribution with the Ten, or to pay Microsoft for the opportunity to update. However, in practice, a free update is still available. Some believe that the announcement of time limitations for free updates was generally an advertising move of Microsoft. Others believe that soon they will close this opportunity.

Network update

The most frequently used option, which Microsoft itself offers as the main one. Actually, Vista itself will remind the user of the need to update. You can refuse the offer, but you can agree. In this case, the OS itself downloads all the files it needs and installs them. This process, I must say, is very unforgettable, so it will take quite a lot of time. But the user will not need to perform any actions, so you can leave the update for the night – and in the morning wake up with an already completely updated operating system.How to update VistaStandard update tools can also help – through the Toolbar, you should go to the Update Center and allow downloading the necessary files.How to update VistaStandard update tools can also help – through the Toolbar, you should go to the Update Center and allow downloading the necessary files.

Disk Update

You can upgrade Vista to Windows 10 and from the system drive with the Ten. In this case, the procedure will be as follows. With a working Vista, a system disk is inserted and the item “Update Vista to Windows 10” is selected in the menu. In this case, it is recommended, of course, to backup all of its most important files in case something goes wrong. Although it is assumed that when updating all documents remain in their place, in practice anything can happen…obnovlenie-do-windows-10-s-windows-vistaYou can get a copy of the Tens, for example, with You can get a copy of the Tens, for example, with official Microsoft website. And you can buy a disk with this OS, or by downloading it from some third-party resource.

Utility for updating

Instead of a disk, you can also simply download the utility to update the system you need. In this case, after starting, the utility will ask if it will be necessary to install updates on the current machine, or you should create a separate disk to update another computer. Next, you will need to select the desired system language, and then specify, which flash drive should be used to upload all the necessary files. Of course, all information from the flash drive will be deleted.Windows language and regionality choice 10When all files are downloaded, the system will ask you to agree to the terms of the License. It will also be suggested that you save documents and configuration files. It is recommended that you update them while saving.Confirmation of the Windows 10 License AgreementFurther, it will only remain to observe how the progress of the installation in percent is progressing. Upon reaching 100 %, the computer will reboot with the new operating system.Window 10 installation with flash drive

You can update, but is it worth it?

If for some reason you still have Windows XP or Vista installed, at the same time, the system and “iron” parameters of the computer correspond to at least the minimum for working in the Ten – then yes, it is better to update. Still, the new Windows is much better protected than the old versions, plus everything, all kinds of security updates are issued for it all the time, which no longer happens in the case of the same Vista, and even more so, with Windows XP. It is possible that soon it will be possible to upgrade the Vista to Windows 10 for free and in fact will be impossible. So everyone who wants to switch to the new Ten must hurry to do this.@top-advice.ru

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