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Traditionally, Microsoft releases several editions of operating systems. For Windows Vista, their 6: 2 of them are suitable for corporate clients, the rest are intended for ordinary users. OS editions differ in the set of functions, built-in programs, settings, features and even technical limitations. Starter edition is not worth considering, it is intended for very weak computers. Ultimate’s editors include all possible features and capabilities. The intermediate place between them is occupied by “home” audits. Consider the features of each of them.

Version Differences

When choosing a specific edition of the operating system, the problem arises: is Windows Vista Home Basic worth downloading or is it better to choose Home Premium? There is a difference between them, but not particularly significant. It is best to find out the features of both publications, and then make a decision. To begin with, we will give brief characteristics, and then we will draw conclusions based on them. This approach will allow you to install the most suitable operating system on the computer.

Home basic

This publication can be called the base. It includes all the main components of the system that are present in other Win editions.Welcome screen of the base Windows VistaAmong the features, you can distinguish an expanded protection system with a built-in antivirus, a new interface Aero and less memory required on the hard drive. The OS maximizes support for 8 GB of RAM. If you plan to purchase a license, then the basic edition is more profitable financially, because its cost is lower.

Home premium

This is an expanded version of the OS, including various multimedia solutions and personal work tools. It includes all the components of the previous edition, but new ones are added. For starters, it’s worth noting Media Center with a special extension.Media Center Initial ScreenThere are also utilities for working with DVD images, watching TV in high quality, as well as advanced network capabilities. For this OS, the support of RAM has been doubled – up to 16 GB. This version of the OS can be compared with Windows XP Media Center Edition. It is also aimed at working with multimedia content, but offers much more functions that will be useful to the user.


As it became clear, Home Premium is an advanced edition of Windows Vista. But its functions will not be useful to all users. If you do not view multimedia content regularly, it would be preferable to use a “basic” Vista. And for people involved in installation, working with DVDs, it will be much more interesting for the second version. She may also be interested in the wide possibilities for setting up networks.

Windows Vista Networks

We must not forget about the limitations on operational memory. It is unreasonable to install Windows Home Base on a computer with 16 GB of RAM. After all, half of the real volume will not be involved.

Download operating system

Download Windows Vista Home Premium from Microsoft’s official website is currently not possible. This is due to the fact that the developer has ceased supporting this version of the operating system. But there are a large number of third-party resources on the Internet where user images and official assemblies are located. It’s easiest to find the desired version of Windows Vista on a torrent tracker, and then install it on PC. But at the same time, it is necessary to monitor the status of the source. It is highly undesirable to download assembly on a little-known resource with a dubious reputation. It can contain all kinds of viruses and vulnerabilities in protection. It is recommended to select proven

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