Windows Vista not updating

Windows Vista is an operating system from Microsoft, which was replaced by XP in 2007. It is presented in many editions, they exist in two architectures (x86, as well as x64). Everyone deserves attention from Home Basic ending Ultimate. Accordingly, each of these editions has its own set of components. Starting with the Home Basic version, you can only update this system to the version above. The Starter edition is presented more for review.Windovs VistaDue to the fact that Vista did not gain great popularity among users. Since its launch was not the most successful, due to the large number of failures and shortcomings. Later, when releasing SP1 and SP2 updates, the initial impression of the product was not the best. In this regard, Microsoft officially on April 11, 2017, completely abolished all support for the Vista operating system. Safety packages were issued for her, while technical support worked properly for as long as 10 years. Now Microsoft has decided to turn all its attention to newer products.

What if Windows Vista is no longer updated

But, in connection with the cancellation of product support, the question arises now that Vista is not updated, whether it will work on the computers of users who still use it, at the same time in no hurry to switch to other operating systems? Vista will work, but now, without support and updates, the security of documents and user files will be at risk. Internet Explorer 9 has also been discontinued.If you decide to try Vista on your computer or you need to reinstall the OS, then you can download and install patches for it that went out in earlier periods only manually. Automatic search and installation of update packages has been discontinued since the Windows Update Center is no longer working. Exactly, like some other functions, such as supporting widgets that gradually go into oblivion. You can download updates for Vista on the Microsoft website in the Support section – Files for download. While Windovs Vista is not updated, the SP2 package will need to be installed manually. Pre-condemnating that you have SP1 installed.Download updates on

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