Windows Vista won’t launch exe files

Sometimes users have a problem when executable files stop running. The problem leads to the fact that it is impossible to install new programs and use old ones.

Reasons for trouble

The main failure is associated with damage to important data responsible for the correct operation of executable files. In this case, registry editing will be required. But in some cases, the problem arises due to the operation of antivirus agents. Then they need to be turned off, or suspended.

Reason 1: System Configuration Violation

Most often, the problem when exe files in Windows Vista do not open is that the system data is damaged. This mainly happens when the PC is malfunctioning, as a result of viruses or other problems. Problem management is possible in the registry editor. Follow the instructions:

  1. Press Win + R at the same time, insert the resulting text box regedit and confirm the input.

    Launch of the Windows Vista Registry Editor

  2. The registry editor window will appear, open the first directory and find the section .exe.
  3. There is a string with a name in it “(Default)”, set the value of the exefile for it if another is originally set.

    Assignment of exe value in Registry Editor

  4. In the same directory, open the section exefile. Editing is required for the first line. For her, set a value “% 1” % * (the quotation marks at the beginning are not superfluous).
  5. Click on the section exefile PCM, open the search option.

    Search in Registry Editor

    Enter a request there open, The corresponding folder will open.

  6. As the same, assign a value to the first parameter “% 1” % *.

    Configuring the open item in the Registry Editor

  7. Do not forget to confirm the changes at every stage. At the end, restart the computer.

If the malfunction is related to the fact that programs are not installed, then try to familiarize yourself with this material: No Windows Vista Software Set.

Reason 2: Work of protective equipment or programsChange the exefile parameter in the Registry Editor

Sometimes the reason why the exe Windows Vista files are not installed, It is not associated with a violation of the system configuration, but with the operation of protective programs. Very often third-party antivirus, for example, Kaspersky, blocks the launch of installation files, because it sees a viral threat in them. In some cases, it may interrupt the loading of the program in the middle, while damaging its components. What to do in this case? If you are sure that the runable exe file will not harm your computer, then you need to suspend the operation of the antivirus when downloading or installing. An alternative option is to create a folder on a local disk or media and add it to the exclusion of the scan. Download the file there, then the antivirus will not conflict when it starts. But if you are not sure about the data is harmless, then their discovery is extremely undesirable. Download files only from verified

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