Windows Vista Service Pack 2

Service Pack 2 is the final version of Windows Vista, after which Microsoft stopped supporting this operating system. It includes the latest updates and edits, is stable and smooth.

Innovations and changes

In previous versions of Vista, an unstable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection was observed. SP2 fixes these issues. Improved indexing and data retrieval system. Previously, there was no possibility of recording Blue-ray discs, now it has been added. A large number of small edits were entered into the operation of system components, general optimization of PCs was increased, and the system of memory resource consumption was improved. Read more about all the changes in article of the same name.


There are two standard ways to install Service Pack 2: auto-update and manual loading. It’s worth starting from the first, but if it didn’t work, then use the second.

Method 1: Auto-update

To perform this method, you need a permanent connection to the Internet. Open the menu “Start”, in the program list, select “Reference Center Windows.Update Center in the Start menuFind a check point there. For some time, it will take to connect the computer to Microsoft servers, as well as download the necessary components.Search Process at Windows Update CenterIn the list, select an item with a name KB948465. The result is Windows Vista SP2 download. If it is absent, then install all the updates, and then try again.

SP2 installed in Windows Vista

Method 2: Download from the official website

This method should be resorted to if auto-update for any reason is not possible. But before starting the update, you need to find out the discharge of the computer. It is displayed in the information about the system. To open them, go to the catalog “My computer”, click PCM on the free section and open the properties. Depending on what kind of discharge is indicated, you must download the installation package. 32-bit version Vista SP2 – = 1646864-bit – = 17669 For subsequent installation, an Internet connection is not required. Pre-cover all unnecessary programs and deactivate antivirus protection. And then run the executable file, the update procedure is quite simple.

Start installing Windows Vista SP2

At the end, the computer will reboot, at this time all changes will be

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