Windows Vista System Requirements

In 2007, Microsoft pleased its users with the new, incredibly beautiful, Windows Vista operating system. But, joy was overshadowed by her shortcomings. She worked extremely unstable, hung herself heavily, and in this regard she gained a reputation as the most failed OS of all existing today. The stated minimum requirements were rather low, it would seem that users’ computers at that time could calmly work under this OS. But not everything turned out as simple as it might seem at first sight. For the initial version of Vista Home Basic, a 32-bit version needs a processor with a clock frequency of at least 800 MHz, RAM also requires a little, only 512 MB and hard disk space of only 20 GB. What happened in fact? Users who installed this system in computers with such system requirements were extremely disappointed, since it was simply impossible to work on such a machine. Developers greatly underestimated system requirements.

Minimum Window Whiste system requirements are highly understated

For stable operation, the Home Premium and Business versions, which were mainly positioned for business. And the home-use versions of Enterprise and Ultimate – you need a machine with a processor with a clock frequency of at least 1 GHz installed by 1 GB or more, and free disk space of at least 40 gb. Not to mention the video card, which was supposed to have Microsoft DirectX 9.0 support for working with Aero.Windows Vista System RequirementsIn fact, when testing these systems on computers with declared technical requirements, it turned out that the requirements are inadequate, since a system that works simply in standby mode eats more than 500 MB of RAM, what kind of programs can there be? This is the real consumption of resources of only one clean system without running programs. It turned out that for the versions of the Maximum, business versions and for home use without taking into account the initial, required 2 GB of RAM and processor at least 2 kernels with a clock frequency of at least 1.8 GHz per kernel. Naturally, when Windows Vista just appeared, few people possessed such computers, but now a computer with 2 GB of RAM and 2 nuclear processor is considered a weak machine, but for Vista it will work just perfectly on such a machine.System Requirements of Wingles VistaSome time after the launch, updates for Vista came out, covering all vulnerabilities, but this did not save the situation. As a result, Microsoft decided to stop user support in 2012 and pay attention to other, more successful operating systems. By the way, user support for an earlier OS is for Windows XP, the company stopped at 2 a year later than for Vista. But after the official closure of the support, however, several minor updates were issued, and full support was stopped in

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