Windows Vista SP2 (Service Pack 2)

Windows Vista was, unfortunately, the most disastrous operating system (according to most users who had the pleasure of working on it at one time). But, despite the majority’s opinion that the version was a failure, it acquired the status of the most beautiful and most secure operating system in the sense that it is much more difficult for intruders to hack this operating system than, for example, the same 7 or XP. And no matter what, there are still adherents and unchanging native Vista. Users who do not want to part with, for years, with a favorite operating system.Windows Vista SP2In fact, at the time of the release of Vista in 2007, most users had rather weak computers. Single-core processors on 3 GHz and with an RAM of about 512 MB. For Vista, this is very small. It, of course, will be installed on such a computer, but it will work extremely unstable. Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is quite stable and with available computer resources that satisfy the requirements of this OS, it works just fine. But in those days, because of her first uncertain steps and mistakes, there was a general consensus that Vista was a failure, although it became the basis of the foundations of the famous “seven”. Now, in modern computers, Vista works just perfect. Given that now you can rarely find a computer with installed RAM less than 2 GB, and a processor less than 2 cores. And also a video card of at least 512 MB. These parameters are more than enough for the stable operation of Windows Vista SP2 32 bit rus, you can download it on our website.

Features of Windows Vista sp2

In the Windows Vista Operating System, the user meets the standard Vista desktop. There are standard XP icons, the size of which can be adjusted, from ordinary to huge (for users with low vision will be very relevant). When moving to the “Start” menu, here you can see that it looks no longer like in the XP, where the “Luna” interface stood, and everything was framed in a blue background. Here we can already observe the AERO Glas interface. This is the interface that is installed in Vista itself and in 7. In modern Windows 8 and 10, the Start menu interface has already been replaced with Metro with tiles.Windows Vista In the Control Panel, switching to an extended view, you can see that the sections are categorized. Notice, the XP looked a bit like. For the first time, it was in Vista that support for touch screens and input using a pen appeared. Here several modes of this appeared; “Sleep”, “Exit from the system” “User change” and “Giberation mode”. For the first time, Windows Media Center appeared in Vista. As a browser, by default, Internet Explorer 8 is here, and you can only update it to the 9 version. Later versions are available on younger operating systems on 7 and 8. And also Windows Vista SP2 (Servis Pack 2) has a program like Movie Maker.

Windows Vista – games, personalization settings

On the right there is a taskbar where you can place various widgets. On the network and now you can download a lot of widgets for Vista SP2 for a wide variety of purposes and tasks. Fac2760d999fed9d574f5baf89f5ab1f sp2 (Servis Pack 2) has additional features: the menu “Start” – “Standard” has several standard games that are not on 7, these are chess, mahjong and several more interesting games, which were deleted in the following assemblies.Wistai Side Panel Widgets In the personalization window, you can put the theme for every taste, configure pointers. In 2017, on May 11, Microsoft’s user support was completely discontinued, and now no updates will be released for this

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