Windows XP Safe Mode

In the process of working at a computer, we inevitably download something and install it on our personal computer. It can be various useful, and not very, programs, drivers and games. And if earlier the bulk of the software came to us on a PC by downloading from removable media such as CD – DVD discs, now, all the software is swinging from the network, mostly. Where it is likely to catch some kind of malicious virus that will pretty much rub its nerves before we can debug the system, and first we figure out what is the reason for the hang or incorrect operation of our computer or laptop. Unsuccessful installation of updates or drivers, incorrect shutdown of the machine (forced shutdown by disconnecting it from the network).Windows XPWhat if the “unpleasant” has already happened, a computer with the unchanged Windows XP OS is not loaded. Or behaving extremely suspiciously. The answer is simple if the operating system is not loaded at all, then you need to try to return the operating parameters through the secure Win XP mode. Or, when, after installing some updates behind the system, abnormal behavior is observed, critical errors occur, applications do not start, or folders do not open. In this case, too, most likely, the malicious code was actively deployed in the system. And to get rid of it, you need to scan for the detection of violators. If the crucial moment is known exactly when the conflicting program or virus was loaded and installed, then you can roll back the system, that is, start the recovery until the moment when there was no problem.

Running an operating system in safe mode

Turn on the PC, or restart it if it was turned on. To start loading in secure mode, Win XP needs to actively press the key continuously at the time of inclusion F8 on the keyboard. Why do you need to press this key many times? In order not to miss the moment when it works, most often it is only a few seconds when checking POST.In the menu of download options, we can see several options:

  • The first is the mode in which the graphical user interface is launched with the minimum set of drivers and libraries needed only for the system to start. Here you can remove the latest installed utilities, drivers and updates, run antivirus program to detect malicious code, and also roll the system to workable parameters. In most cases, this is enough for an ordinary user to solve most of the problems with the computer, more precisely, with the operating system.

Безопасный режим Windows XP

  • The second option also involves launching a computer with loading a minimum set of drivers and libraries, but here you can still work with network devices, or rather, with a local network.
  • The third item is a download option in the MC DOS emulation window. Here you can already work with disks and files.

Safe mode – computer health recovery tool

The Windows XP download options menu has other options for downloading the operating system, but in most cases the average user does not need them, the first option is enough. How to run Windows XP in a safe mode for laptop owners? Here, when starting a computer, you need to press the key combination Fn + F8, if it doesn’t work just F8.If the computer is constantly loading independently in a safe mode, then you need to roll the system to an earlier state. May help with this problem reset settings BIOS. To do this simply in the system unit is enough for 10 minutes to get the battery BIOSand then the settings will be reset to factory. Most often, this method helps to get rid of the computer’s constant automatic download in a safe

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