Windows Device Manager

To get into the Device Manager on Windows XP, you need to go to the menu Start.

  • Next on the label My computer execute the right click with the mouse, and select in the drop-down list System Properties.

Start My Computer Properties

  • Then click on the button Equipment.

Device Manager Wing XP Equipment

  • Here you need to click on the button Device Manager.

Equipment DispatcherFinding this section on a computer is easy, but why is it needed and how can it help the user? All connected devices to the computer are displayed here. And, accordingly, software for them. If any driver works incorrectly, then you can find it here. If a string is marked with a warning sign, this means that software designed to interact with iron and peripheral equipment is faulty.Faulty equipment in the Device ManagerHere you can try updating it if you have a file on your computer for installation on your hard drive or removable media, or try to find the desired software (software) on the network. By clicking Refresh driver the equipment upgrade wizard opens, here you need to follow the prompts on the screen.

How to update the driver through the Device Manager

In the case of automatic updates, the system will try to independently find the desired file for installation from the Windovs library, but most often it does not find anything, so you need to update the drivers manually.

  • Here in Device Manager select the device for which you need to find the driver.

Update driver in Device Manager

  • We right-click on it and go to the section Properties drop-down menu.
  • Here in the tab General you can reinstall the driver, the same equipment update wizard will open, and if you don’t have a file on your computer – the necessary file, then nothing will work, since Windows XP has a highly limited driver library, unlike later versions of operating systems. But now it’s not about them.
  • Here we switch to the information tab and copy the device code, we need it to find the right software. In the usual way, copying a string with a code will not work. Therefore, it must be highlighted with the left click, and then press the key combination on the keyboard Ctrl + C – copy. This action will save the code in the clipboard, and now, by opening any browser, you need to insert this code in the address bar or search bar. This can be done in the usual way, using a mouse or using hotkeys Ctrl + V – insert.

Device Manager Device CodeThe browser will give out a whole list of suitable drivers, it will only be left to download the desired one and then

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